Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Reporting Back about Barbara Wa Wah's show

Todays your lucky day ....In case you missed the infamous Barbara Walter's Most Fascinating People show that was on last night I have a recap.
Because lucky for me My Giant wasn't home last night and so I got to watch this show with out his sarcasm and snickers!
Here are my thoughts -

Modern Family Gay couple - Mitch and Cam I LOVE THEM! And by THEM I mean the characters they play on Modern family. They didn't spend too much time on the actual actors, so I can't say that I love them but...
I LOVE that one of the actors is not gay, yet he is so very comfortable in his own skin that he plays his role flawlessly. This makes me LOVE them both even more. I think they are doing a good thing with the roles they have been given. And well, I could say a lot more about that, but I won't not here on this fun post.

Moving on...

Simon Cowell- I hate him(not really I don't hate anyone) BUT I still want to hear what he has to say, Why? Well, because he is Candid. That word Candid is not something that most people are. It makes me think of candid camera the tv show. That's a sidenote- but I like that word and I am not sure that in reality if Simon was CANDID with me or my daughter( who so desperately wants to be on his show one day),that I will like this word or him anymore. Didn't I say I hate him already. Not really.

*While watching the show I was constantly annoyed by the fact that I burned the roof of my mouth when I popped a burning hot Brussels Sprout in my mouth at dinner time, and because I was too damn impatient to wait for it to cool off I now have a scar on the top of my mouth!! At least for 24hours anyway.

Herman Cain- What a joke! I don't believe ONE word that comes out of that mans mouth. When you are innocent, you are innocent and you can walk with your head held high and it causes no pain or suffering to anyone around you because YOU ARE INNOCENT! And one final note, HE CAN'T SING!! And he's a schmuck! God forgive me!

The Kardasians - First let me just say that I don't even care enough about this family to write a commentary here. And after watching their lil blip on the show, I feel the same.

*Shh... don't tell but after that interview I really wished My Giant was here so he would have changed the channel and then therefore I wouldn't have wasted anymore of this precious quiet time.

Derek Jeter- Ahhh man, Really? I have to mention a stupid YANK on my page!! Ok fine. This is what I got from his interview with Ms. Wa Wah, We have 2 more years, at least that's what his contract says. And then he should come join the best baseball team EVER... Go... Bo Sox's... Booyah!!

Katy Perry-It's funny, that I really know nothing about this girl before tonight. I mean I have heard her songs but I couldn't tell you that I knew it was her that sang them. In fact tonight during this show when they were playing clips and her songs were playing, I was like "Oh that's who sings that song!" She has a Jesus tattoo, and well I tend to believe that she is more sincere about saying that is where "her roots" came from than the song Herman Cain sang at the end of his interview, as a tribute to his faith.

*For reals, sometimes I think MY GIANT is right. Shhhh... DO NOT REPEAT THAT! You are sworn to secrecy. I mean really why do I care listen to these people?

Donald Trump- He's Bi-Polar," I will run, I won't run, well maybe I will still run" AND HE pretends to be RICH! Did you see his gold furniture? No one who is really rich has gold furniture! He has a fake tan, fake hair,and I like the guy who plays him on SNL better than the actual Trumpster himself! And about his wanting my man Obama's certificate let's see his proof of ownership on those GOLD CHAIRS!! Those babies are rent-to-owns for sure! He's had so many bankruptcies, how many you ask? I think 3... I mean I don't have proof but...?!!

Amanda Knox- This story was one that I had followed closely due to the fact that she came from Seattle Washington. The local news stations have been covering this story for a while here so it was interesting to hear the run down on Wa Wah's show. I thought she was going to interview her but Wa Wah left me wa-wa -wanting!
For me the jury is still out on this girl. My questions come in here : I don't know why she had a written confession and I still have my doubts about her innocence... so well... that's cool she's home now and Seattle now has a questionable young lady lurking about.

**Honestly, it's so hard to not concede to the voice of sarcasm on this next story.

Pippa Middlaton- Who is she again? Oh yeah the sister to some new royalty person in England. Really? Bab's you fail me here. I mean there were so many other life stories that you could have chosen, that are way more fascinating than Pippa. The only truly fascinating thing about this girl is her name. Who name's their child Pippa?

And the Most Fascinating.... Drum Roll please....

Steve Jobs- Truly his story is amazing. Buddhist, Hippie, Cancer Fighter, Truly a genius. Some thoughts on the recap of his life,What's up with people stealing other people's companies? SO not cool! Also, his last word's "Oh wow, oh wow, oh wow!" I want to know what all those wow's were about don't you? I think I have an idea, do you?

So in conclusion of my night of guilt free, special celebrity shows I have this to say;

DAMMIT- MY GIANT WINS! These shows are stupid! The people on them are stupid! And am stupid to waste my time and watch them? Well, maybe not as much if you leave a comment here and make me feel better.

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