Saturday, June 28, 2008

Same Sex Marriages and other Topics

My friend, Laura got my brain a-goin in an area where she as a nurse didn't think the government should be involved in when she posted about Suicide attempts and how they get put on legal holds and then cause all of us tax payers to provide guardianship by way of Johnny-Law for the next 48hours. I don't think this is right either Laura. Wish I knew how to put the link to your blogspot here but I don't so here is where you can read hers;

But, another area where the government is just spinning it's wheels is the whole area of same sex marriages. Why are we involved in this? As a government we should not be saying who should be able to marry who? We should not determine who gets to stand by someones bedside when they are dying or who will get all the legal rights to decide this person's lives work when we don't even know them. Give homosexuals the right to marry already!
Another area where I think the government has got it all wrong is how we treat criminals of repeat offenses. Seriously, the crime in this nation is high for a reason...cause we are pansies when it comes to punishment. We should take a note from other countries and get a backbone when it comes to the judicial area of crime and punishment.
Just some Saturday eve thoughts. What are yours?


digapigmy said...

i don't think that any marriages should be government sanctioned. Making me pay for that peice of paper is stupid. on the other hand, the government also should force insurance companies to do things that will hurt the rest of us (like provide medical insurance to gay partners, gay males have the life expectancy of a 400 pounders alternating handfuls of mayonaise from the jar and unfiltered cigarettes). in this case, the motivations to ratify constitutions, etc. are sometimes supported by people who don't simply hate gay people - believe it or not - but enjoy the fact i can actually get life insurance for my spouse through my job, one of many benefits that will just evaporate once this thing runs its course.

Jeni said...

I was here and I may be back later, but it is far too late for me to say how I feel about that in a coherent manner...

Jen in Budapest said...

Noel it's easy to connect to other sites on your blog. What you do is copy and past the site you want to go to into your blog. Then when you are writing your blog and you come to the point where you want people to click on that site, just highlight the word and then click the thing that looks like a globe. it will open a window where you type in the site address. When you're done go back and erase the one you copied and pasted and there you go.

Too early to talk about these issues...good morning Bp.

noel said...

brent-i agree. it is wierd that govt is involved in this process at all because in reality it is a very spiritual personal decision and the legal binding part of it only complicates matters. your point about insurance for gay couples is a good one in which the insurance companies i am sure will find a way around. it's not that i think keeping gay couples from legal unions is because they are hated i just don't understand what the deal with keeping them from having certain legal rights that they are entitled to as american citizens is all about.
jeni- please do come back. this topic is one that i have wanted to talk about for a long time and just never remembered to blog about it.
jen- thanks for the tip. i will try that out and see if it works.
anyway, can you get to laura's blog via my lil address thingy? come back and share thoughts later then.

laura said...

I am for minimal government interference in all matters. Diga does bring up some good points re: insurance. Which just reinforces my opinion that most things in this country are all screwed up right now.

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