Monday, June 30, 2008


The kids are still sleeping and it is almost 9:30a.m. Oh, how I love the summer. More quiet time for me. This morning I woke with alot of mixed emotions. Change, big change is on the horizon for me and my family and those of you who know me know that change is not one of my favorite words in the dictionary, nor is it a favorite action of mine either.
I easily get overwhelmed with even little changes. Like when Mo wants to change furniture around, which he does on a regular basis, I start freaking out and whining that I like things where they are and why do you always have to go and mess with stuff. Then, of course, when it's all said and done I love the changes. I am not a visionary and can hardly see past the hour for what to do next. If it were not for my God, hubby, family, and friends who are visionaries I would still be in the same place I was when I was born. Right by mom's side:)
But with big changes somehow God's peace that surpasses all understanding seems to always kick in to high gear and I feel calm. That is where I am at right now. Every now and again my flesh will kick up and try to move things along quicker than God's hand but in the end if I just sit tight and watch God manifests some pretty amazing stuff right before my eyes. That is what I am seeing right now.
I woke yesterday to read this scripture, Ps 127:1-2.
It talks about God being the builder of my house or life if you will. I believe this to be true. He has always built pretty well before for me, why would I want to take that job from him now? I don't want to. I trust that whatever lies ahead for us will be good.


slogoin' vws said...

unfair, why must you leave me hanging like that?

digapigmy said...

so, are you allowed to speak of the "big changes" or are we just being cryptic - which is fine, you just have to call it like a bank shot in HORSE

laura said...

You will do great! And, if you just let it flow, I have a feeling you are going to be lovin' life:)

Jen in Budapest said...

Hey sis - I think change in life brings about the moments when I can't run or hide but just hold on tight to one whose bigger than me and my situation. Prayin'. Love you. Jen

TPluckyT said...

Thanks Noel . . . Now I have David Bowie's song ch-ch-ch-ch-changes stuck in my head . . . :-)

noel said...

tasha- didn't mean to leave you hanging.
brent- not being cryptic , just thinking out loud
laura- thanks, i am not worried at all.
jen- tis true and we all know who hides and who doesn't
tim- hey, that's a great song , what are you complaining about?

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