Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day

I spent the greater part of the evening with my Dad. His older brother's Bob and Dick are in town and to see them all together is always a treat. When these three get together it is quite entertaining in a good way. Not in the way my mom's family is entertaining which is not always in a good way. Case in point refer to blog below , Last Friday night. Anyhew, not the topic of this blog. What I wanted to talk about is my dad. A man who spent the great portion of his life being a radio announcer or DJ or whatever you wanna call it and now is getting ready to retire from being a grocery store clerk. My dad loves jazz music and all things sports related. Tonight there was a Basketball game on that bro-in law Izzy was very interested in. My mom took offense to the fact that he wasn't rooting for Boston but I am not a basketball fan , although I did take stats for the boys b-ball team in High School . It really never stuck. I can appreciate any good game though and tonight was a nail biter. Needless to say my dad was rooting for the Lakers because unlike my mom he detests all things Boston(not really it's just this funny passive agressive thing they have had going for many years). So funny those two. So there they sat, Izzy and my Dad glued to the television. It was so enjoyable to hear the two of them get quite excited.
I love my dad. I love that he loves sports. I love that he has loved my mom for 38 years and counting. I love that although he is not perfect by any means he's still trying. Always committed to getting better at his roles in life.
Father in laws are also on the list of the Dad's I love. Over the 13 years of marriage I have come to appreciate them both.
Mo's dad Rusty gives me a greater insight to the man I married than probably anyone else around and he is the amazing Bionic man. With so many surgeries I can't even tell you, He never and I do mean never complains. He is amazingly strong and I love him.
His step dad Tom also an incredible man that keeps his mom happy. Which what more could you ask for there, right?
Anyway, if I didn't get to tell you myself today, Happy Fathers Day to all the dads out there. I hope you spent it in good company and with lots of love.

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Jen in Budapest said...

I called and got Uncle Bob. He's hilarious. He was worried about why Dad and Dick weren't back yet from wherever......Didn't even get to tell Dad personally...but asked Bob to pass on the news.

I wrote a blog on dad too....He's a good man.

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