Thursday, June 12, 2008

IPOD organizing

Yesterday I spent the greater part of the day organizing my music on my IPOD. It was tedious but at the same time alot of fun. I kinda turned it into a game of "name that tune" when I got down to all the un-named tracks. I would play the song and then try and guess who it was. I had alot of burned music on there , which I know my recording artist friends and family would probably not approve of but whatever. To that topic I just say, if you can record an album you have enough money already and chances are you will keep making money if you are good enough and if your not nobody wants to hear you anyways. Is that a little harsh? What are your thoughts on pirating music? You now have mine. Back to the topic at hand, my music. Music to me is so amazing. I love how a song can come on and completely change the mood in the room. As much as I get alot of crap for the music I listen to from my very own Mr. Big, I really do enjoy all genres. Except for maybe the stuff that makes you want to murder the closet living breathing thing next to you because of all the noise coming out of the speakers that I wouldn't really call music, I just call that noise. I really don't have a name for that genre of music except maybe murder music. My all time favorite sounds though I would have to say either come from Billy Holiday or well....yeah just Billy. I love listening to Billy. She has a voice no one will ever have. I have heard before from Mr. Big why she has that voice and that I could have one too if I did drugs , drank, and smoked alot but really her voice is so unique and it just puts a smile on my face. Speaking of other Billy sounds that I like there is Billy Joel of course he is an all time favorite and then someone who will be in concert here in Reno at the end of month Billy Idol. I would totally go see and old man Billy Idol in concert but alas , we will be camping. IF you could only pick one sound to listen to , who would it be?


Jeni said...

How could I possibly choose one?

Jen in Budapest said...

That's really tough, Noel. But, I think if I had to choose it would be either John Mayer or U2. Tough though.

Here's a website I'm enjoying about running. Its hard not to want to do more quickly but its good to take the running thing slow so there's no injuries. This is a great site. Learning a lot from it. :D

allie said...

Aren't you talking about which Billy we would choose? If so, I choose Billy Joel. "UPTOWN GIRL!" LOVE IT! Not to mention Piano Man, Allentown, and so many more. Boaz ALWAYS makes fun of my Billy Joel music, esp. the song he sings about Vietnam. I like it! I need to hear more Billie Holiday. Yep.

Oh, and I like your use of Mr. Big. I could tell that caught on!


noel said...

jeni come on you can pick. who do you listen to the most? who puts you to sleep at night? that's always a good indication of who your favorite could be.
jen- there are many reasons why both U2 and John are good favorites and between the 2 i would have to say U2 wins hands down on John. I will check out that site when I can.
allie- it is so great to get random comments from you my friend. i wish you could find the time to blog.
well, i was saying to pick a all time favorite music person or persons but i suppose still between the billy's he's a really good one. tell boaz when he starts making that kinda money he can make fun of him. til then sing away uptown girl!!

Jen in Budapest said...

Is Emma going to start blogging again? I want to hear her thoughts on here... :D

Jeni said...

Seriously, there is nobody I listen to most... You know that it's a seasonal thing for me... Maybe Martina McBride or Dixie Chicks would be a good choice for country season, but for the rest of the year it's a variety-- one song by this person, another song by that... But Jack Johnson and John Mayer are a couple that I would say are consistent during non-country season... But there's always new things coming out, and they might be better... :)

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