Monday, June 23, 2008

A few days in the life of ME

What a weekend. It started with a going away party for my friends David and Andre who are leaving for Oregon, well one already left , other half leaves next Monday. The party was so much fun that we didn't get home til 2 am. Debated spending the night right there on the lawn but then in the end we wanted our own beds. Dre's brother Leif is a party in a box. He brought bounce house, Wii, and a HUGE bounce house type screen to make this send off oh so special and it was. I love this family that has been in our lives in such a special way since I was a teen. Our parents are friends and the way God has intertwined our lives is really sometimes so strange and at the same time awesome to me. I will miss them. I know many people teased that they would be back but I have a feeling the permanence this time is going to be a bit more than in times past.

After getting home at 2 am and getting up for worship practice that was at 9a I thought I would be tired but I wasn't. It was then time for niece Savy's first birthday party. What a treat. She almost fell asleep while eating her birthday cake poor thing. We saw an old friend of sister Gina's there, Camille and she said that our old neighbor Bob has passed away. Bob used to bring us vegetables all the time when we lived in Carson City in our very first home that we ever owned. He was a really neat old guy. Time is strange. Sometimes I wish it would stand still for a moment to take it all in. I can hardly believe that Savy is 1 year. To be an auntie is the coolest. It was so fun to buy birthday presents for her. Then it was time to head home for some much needed nappy time. Boy howdy, did I ever sleep good.
Sunday morning, had a moment or two of reflection to say the least and almost lost it during worship but I knew more tears would come later. Feeling emotional about alot lately. God has been so good to me and my family and I can't thank Him enough. Truly He is my source of strength.
Sunday afternoon Moses worked on our bikes all day and we finally took a bike trip all together. WOW, what a treat that was. At one point we were crossing a busy intersection and lil man Zed was slow goin' to say the least, cars were piling up and we were getting nervous, just then somebody shouted "Come on lil buddy you can do it!!" You should have seen the smile on his face. What a treat.
Sunday evening was spent with great friends enjoying the finer things in life, good wine, great bbq steaks, and really good conversations. Again I serve an awesome God who has not only provided well in health and wealth but in friendships as well.
I slept in this morning and then headed up to the Lake with kiddos and my friends kiddos. It was a beautiful day. The smoke cleared by mid afternoon and it was absolutely gorgeous by the end of the day.
Tomorrow it's off to Wallies Hot Springs for some swimming and more sun.
Man, I have a hard job!!


scoey-d said...

Zay brings a smile to my face every time I see him.

And it's not hitting. It's punching.

slogoin' vws said...

bikes huh? does that mean bike events for you and the fam?

shontell said...

ahaha YAY Isaiah!! Awesome. and, yes, you DO have a hard job. You just find a good way to enjoy it.

noel said...

louie- his happy life is quite contagious.
tasha-heck yes, we need to know when and where again though of course cause we forgot what you told us.
shontell- yes, tis true.

Jeni said...

Sounds like a fun and action packed weekend! It was nice sitting by you during learning community! :)

Jen in Budapest said...

two things -
I'm sad that I missed the party, makes me miss Leif and Charity and the Gores. Is Andre excited or mixed emotions goin' on?

I would have LOVED to see "Zed" at that moment. Oh, can't wait to see the lil' guy. All of you guys. Way to go on the bike ride! Sounds awesome.

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