Monday, June 09, 2008

A Great way to Start the Summer

I spent the day at Lake Tahoe. Me and the four kids and good friends Christene and Benat kicked off the summer at Lake Tahoe today. We chose to sun bathe at Sand Harbor where nearby they were setting up for Shakespeare on The Lake. Mo and I used to go to Shakespeare on the Lake every summer for the first few years of dating and then some. I think I want to go this summer. Any takers? That is a side note to this blog, what I really want to say is that I love Lake Tahoe. I love sun bathing. I love even the feeling of being a lil sun kissed, I never get sun-burned but sun-kissed warm and cozy feeling I love. I love watching my kids run around on the beach. I love how Isaiah makes friends with everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE on the beach front. I love how great it feels to take a shower after sitting in the sand. I love this life. I am so glad summer is here.


Matty C. said...

Noel - Do you remember when you and Mo took the college group in CC and you two had to explain the whole dang show/skit or whatever it's called to me? I didn't understand crap!

Shakespeare, not really my thing. But I did have mucho fun.

Jen in Budapest said...

Hey! That really sucks. You are NOT kind to me. SOOO wish I was there to enjoy being sun-kissed with you.

I thought about Shakespeare on the Lake - how I used to go but I hear it's tough to beat the crowds and it's no fun because of it....but don't let that stop ya! Just get good seats near the front (come early).

Jen in Budapest said...

By the way....didn't I take that picture last summer?? :D

noel said...

Bah haa haa!! I forgot about that Matty. I have faith in you that you could understand now, you have moved on in years and wisdom some :) so I bet the dialogue might make more sense.
Jen- Sorry,... ya know I am not really sorry cause you are always braggin about all the stuff over there in Europe- so WHATEVER!! and YES you did take the pick last summer, but shhhh don't tell anyone.

Matty C. said...

Noel, I don't think I'm any smarter. Especially when it comes to the "thou's, thee's, shallst, moveth," etc...

And the lines. Oh, I remember the lines to get in. Really long. Shakespeare did not impress me that night.

But yes, I would go again.

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