Friday, June 06, 2008

For Auntie Jenny

I do believe this one of Solomon will be added to my hall of fame for all time favorites. I think it shows off his big kid teeth pretty good. The one of Emma I think will show her new doo pretty well. She has got an attitude to go with it, wish you could see that Jen but it will have to wait. You are lucky I caught her smiling. Normally her face is a roll of the eyes and kinda sour(just kidding kinda ).Chloe's shirt demonstrates what she is in our lives for, Cutie Patrol. And finally, Zed- what more needs to be said. Hope you enjoy Auntie, this blogs for you. I love you so much and miss ya something fierce.


Erica said...

great pictures of your kids, Noel. they are all so radiant and reflect what a great mother you are

Jen in Budapest said...

I wish I were kissin' them right now dang it!! Sucks. He's already morphed into Zed huh? Crazy kid. Love Him. I want to kiss, hug and take each one of them out for quality time with sad.

laura said...

Your kiddos are so beautiful!!!

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