Monday, June 16, 2008

Learn from me

Disclaimer- Long Post Ahead

"Come to me, all you that are weary and are carrying heavy burdens, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me; for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. " Matt. 11:28-30

This scripture was on my desk calendar today and I thought I would share it. It is a scripture that I have framed and hangs in my house because it is one that I need to be reminded of on a daily basis. Not to worry, not to be anxious, to come to Him, to take His yoke. So the break down of that is this for me.

Come to me- Every day set time aside to visit with Him. This first request is so simple. I don't need to do anything but come and He said if I do this rest will come. I need that. This no longer looks like going into a closet and hiding from the rest of the world for 2hours with my bible and highlighter in hand. This looks like well....different everyday. No formula there, just come to Him everyday. Like I would a great friend, who lived right next door , who is not mobile, and who's only request is that I visit daily. Only Jesus is not right next door, he's within and I guess that makes Him mobile. You get the idea.

Take my yoke upon you- Now this one confused me for a long time until I learned what a yoke was. Not an egg yoke but a yoke for cattle. They used to yoke two cattle together I believe to pull more weight around. It was a heavy piece of equipment that landed right on top of the cows necks. I think made out of wood and to me always looked more like that thing that would hold a person in place right before they got their head chopped off (I digress) Anyway, the two would be joined together, and be lead around as only dumb cows should be. So Jesus says take His yoke. Do you think he is under that yoke with you? Is He the other cow that will walk along side you making it easier. Hope that doesn't sound sacreligous ,but I believe He is and He does. I think He stands a little taller so the yoke doesn't even touch my neck and He pulls the weight of the world around for me IF, and this a big one , IF I let Him. I often times stand up thinking , "Don't worry Jesus I got this" and I DON'T!! Why would I ever want to carry the yoke? But I do , sometimes I forget it's not my job. I am thankful for this reminder, it's not my job to carry the yoke.

Learn from me- This is where I have to read and read some more to learn from Him. I have to dissect the scriptures and look to every social circumstance that Jesus was ever in and stop, SELAH as the bible would say. I can't read these interactions with a "Sunday school, heard it all before" attitude I have to read with new eyes. Eyes that see Jesus as my friend who lived long ago and has something very important for me to learn. Like the treasure hunters on National Treasure 1 and 2( both amazing movies, if you haven't seen them you need to) again I digress. Do I learn from him with as much excitement as those treasure hunters? Everyday looking for more clues in the bible of who this Man/God is? NO, sadly I don't. God forgive me.
Why do I run from you? Why do I hide or try to hide as though you couldn't find me or as though YOU could ever lose something?
To me and in my heart you have never broken, hurt, or wounded me. I love you for this.

Today is my niece Savanah's 1st Birthday and I am thinking about the life of a child when I read this. It is hard to be like children again once you've grown and gained so much knowledge but I do believe that is what is required to be able to follow Christ in the easy fashion that He is speaking of above. To trust Him despite what the world around you may look like. I think of my own babies when we would be put in a scary situation to them; like somewhere with loud music, or flying on an airplane, or even just somewhere that they could hear other babies crying, they would look to me or Mo to see what expression was on our faces and if we were okay they were okay. I want to be like that. I want to learn from Jesus. He is so humble and gentle in His teaching. He is not like anyone else in this world. He is the friend that has stuck closer than a brother. I have not been good to Him and still He forgives me. I want to be a better friend and follower of Christ. I want to learn so much more from Him.

If you read this you have just gone along for a bible study with Noel trip. Hope you enjoyed your journey exit to the left.


allie said...

Disclaimer - Long Response - When it comes to your thoughts about the learning part, I have a book to recommend. It is called Living by the Book and it is written by Howard Hendricks. We have several copies and I'd love to send it to you if you'd like to read it. I took a class that was based on the book and it completely changed the way I approached my Bible. I now think I can approach my Bible and if I give time and good, careful study, I can understand all of it. I don't always do that, in fact I rarely give it the time and study I should, but I'm workin' on that! At least now, it isn't because "I've heard it all" or "It's too complicated in many parts." Anyway, yadda, yadda. Want the book? (Not that you personally NEED it, but I highly recommend it to all.)

noel said...

Allie- OF Course- I would take any and all books that you recommend and especially if you have extra copies. I just sent something to you in the snail mail today so they might pass each other in flight, hee hee who am I kidding we all know how we both are about mailing stuff. It took me 2 weeks to fill this card out. :)
and kudos to you for actually finishing this blog. you just read your bible right there girlfriend.

allie said...

Okie-dokie.....someday I'll send it. HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! Email your address to me again. DO YOU KNOW IT COST $10.25 when I GOT A BOOK OF STAMPS YESTERDAY???? What on earth is this world coming to? Snail mail is so fun to get, but it is pricey these days! Hey, does Moses know how to refinish hardwood floors? Toodle-Loo.

Erica said...

good post, Noel. Thank you for our insight. I forget about the yoke analogy all the time and just think Jesus will help me as I try to do the work...which is off.

I will look forward to the next Bible Study with Noel ;)

Jen in Budapest said...

Noel, good stuff. Makes the coldness of my heart long for the warmth of His gentleness and kindness every day. His strong love is everything. Thanks for the bible study, Well Bell.

Glad to see you're on facebook! Allie are you next??? Pleeeaaasssseeee?

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