Thursday, June 05, 2008

Good News!!

My wort is finally going away. The duct tape didn't' end up being the cure all and so I switched to a more expensive method of wort remover from Dr. Scholl's, I think that's how you spell it. Anyways, I am glad it is finally vanishing and not hurting nearly as much. Just in time for me to start some serious training with my new personal trainer, Sue Meredith.
For a while there I had sores on both my feet and let me tell you that it is not fun to have both feet out of commission. I lost a toenail on one and was dealing with the pain of the Plantar wort on the other and all I can say is that it is nice to have these ailments on the mend.
It's funny to me to blog about this stuff because in real life and the grander scheme of things they are a minimal irritation. I am however extremely grateful for the healing of both and I have high hopes that( despite the gloomy reports from others with Plantar warts) mine will not return.
Hope I didn't gross you out too much, can't be worse then the boys toilet bowl stories, right? Ben and Matty both take the cake on gross topics I believe.


laura said...

good to hear that my prayers are working in your favor:)
see, blessings come in all forms, including foot repairs!! hahaha.
Seriously though, I hate foot problems, and it all sounded very painful. I am glad to hear you are on the mend:)

scoey-d said...

Warts suck it. We hates them at my house. And ours just went away too. Hooray! Maybe its the end of wart season...?

Erica said...

Glad to hear the plantar lost it's grip on your foot :). That would be very irritating with every step feeling that bump. Hope your training goes well!

David said...

Lost a toe nail? Warts?

You have old lady feet. What's the deal?

noel said...

laura- wow, you have some might awesome prayer warrior power girlfriend. that's not the only thing that is feeling better. so thank you.
lou- they do indeed, suck it! my kiddos have some too that are on the mend. wouldn't mention any names though for fear of embarrassing them. i barely mentioned that em looked like she had some dandruff cause of a sunburnt head peeling going on and she practically ripped my head off.
erica- it was very painful at times but all better now.
david-suck it!!

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