Thursday, November 01, 2012

The Morning After and My List

You know those days that you are so tired you are tempted to use toothpicks to hold your eyelids open?
The days that not even a pumpkin spice latte, with whip (oh yea baby, if I'm gonna be naughty... I'm gonna go all the way) will work it's magic over you?

Well, that was what Halloween was like for me this year. Tuesday night I couldn't sleep. I had "THE LIST" going on in my brain and it would not shut off. Have you seen I Don't Know How She Does It  with Sarah Jessica Parker yet? If you have, you are familiar with "The List", if not GO WATCH IT NOW!! Oh my this movie, I want to marry this movie! I want to sit down with this movie and tell it that we could be Best Friends. This movie makes me feel normal. I'm thinking it would make most moms feel normal. And basically, what I'm trying to say without being overly dramatic is that I can identify with this movie and "The List"

Needless to say I was functioning off of about 2.5 consecutive hours of sleep when I woke on Wednesday morning at around 5:45a.m.
Now, for some of you 2.5 would be enough. Like if you are a momma of a newborn and got a SOLID 2.5 last night you are probably good. Because as all mom's of newborns know that .5 where you slept even a half hour longer then the next feeding session was to begin, is ENOUGH. Give a mom, to a newborn a SOLID 3 hours, and she could probably take over a small country, or at least feel energetic enough to take a shower and get dressed that day.

Or if you are young college student who was up studying for an exam all amped up on Red Bull and you got a SOLID 2.5, I'm sure you are calling that good. Because as we all know when you are of college age.. ahem... in your 20's 2.5 is a decent amount of sleep.
But for Me and My almost 40 something year OLD Brain 2.5 just dudint cut it folks!!

But, the show must go on right?

Right well, and it did.
Without further ado I give you
* the list will look like this * my reality will look like this
5:45-  Wake fresh and ready to have the best Halloween 2012 can bring
- stumble out of bed
6:00 Shower 
- did I get a shower yesterday? I honestly can't remember.
6:15-  Pick up kitchen make pot of coffee
6:20 - Pick out a great outfit, spend time even on your hair, ya know really look sharp 
try to start getting ready, don't forget to wear something festive so you look like your remembered what day it is.
6:30 Feed Dogs and Read your bible, spend precious time with Jesus-
Hurry quick, you know you need some bible quick(ok wait..  right there... by "some bible" I mean the desk top calendar of scripture that I have by my bed, which is right on top of my bible of which I have every intention of reading tomorrow but today "Jesus take the wheel" cause I'm going rouge)
Then  you need to  ....
6:45- wake Sol for band practice- make sure he showers, puts on deodorant(yes in 5th grade you have to monitor these things, and trust me NO I am NOT a SMOTHER MOTHER, but if someone doesn't remind him... well, we all suffer, I know his teachers thank me)eats breakfast, packs costume and snack for class party, packs lunch, and remembers a hoody cause it's not cold enough for a jacket. 
- shit! I forgot to help Chloe make the cupcake ring that we bought all the stuff for at the craft store last night, break out glue gun and make Halloween rings, nothing like waiting til the last minute.
6:50-  Make sure to wish Em and Rio a Happy Halloween and send them off with some warm pumpkin spice coffee say good bye to Em faifs and Rio the resident High Schoolers, make sure Em has everything she needs... no wait... whew... thank God for Emmers, and yay for Emfaifs who is so good at self management she makes her mother look like a slacker!

7:00-  Clean up High Schoolers dishes-
7:20-  Make Sure Sol has costume and snacks for party -
Bring Sol to band practice, make sure he has lunch, costume, snacks, and homework √√√ and√.
7:20  Make Sure Chloe has lunch, she's been only packing snacks
Bring Chloe to school, you forgot to check on lunch items because (there's that having to be in two places at one time thing again)make sure she has ... wait... Whew Thank God for a Chloe and yay pro-independence again!!

7:30 Drive home peacefully and have a nice time of prayer with the Lover of  your soul
-rush home where at the end of our street there is some road construction that's been going on all week making it so that when I want to turn left I HAVE TO turn right and flip a U wayyyyy further down the road. Oh Joy! Oh Rapture! Praise God for road construction.  No. No, that is not what I said.

*Ok this is where I get lazy and I stop writing out the preconceived beautiful list in my head and let you figure out what was probably in my mind of expectations, hope, and dreams for my life and the lives of my children.

7:45- Finally home, only one more kiddo to get out the door, wake Isaiah get him in the shower, breakfast, dressed, lunch, (basically same routine as above- See Solomon's schedule- minus the band and the deodorant)

8:00 breathe- read some more words of life- breathe.
Somewhere in here I SHOULD be eating breakfast
I SHOULD be cleaning dishes that are already piling up.
I SHOULD be well, you get it, I SHOULD be doing a lot of other stuff, but what I usually do is check in on you all ;) and on a good day I get all that other stuff done too, I just want ya to know you are in my "List." And I love you.
8:15  make sure dogs get let out one more time before we go, put Bella in box so we don't come home to a very unpleasant surprise.
8:30 ish drive in to school with Isaiah.

9:00- 10:30 Volunteering in the Library with Mrs. Sandbo whom I love and want to be when I grow up.
10:30-11- Breathe and MORE CAFFIENE
11:00 Go to grocery store and get grapes, because you forgot to double check the email reminder said grapes, NOT celery of which you bought and had ready to go, but because you didn't double check you now have to go back to your home away from home, aka the grocery store for GRAPES!
Also pick up last minute items that a certain ahem... Chloe girl needed for her cupcake costume.
11:30 Get -more-caffiene!! Certainly a Pumpkin Spice should keep my eyelids open, right?
12:00 Go Back to boys school eat lunch with Sol and then Isaiah.
12:45 help set up for Isaiah's party 
1:00 Isaiah's party 
1:20 Hop over to Solomon's party upstairs, stand around because 5th grade boys who  are too cool for school, and their moms, don't like to talk to their moms and so you quickly realize you are not needed here as much anymore :( and you move on. But not without a piece of your heart that just got broken.
1:30 Go back to Isaiahs party where he's happy to see you, yay for 8 YEAR OLDS!! Yay, for children who are not in double digits yet!! Yay, for parties where kids are being kids, and having FUN!!
1:50- Party is over help with the clean up 
2:00 school is out gather my chics, I mean my growing young men head home to pick up chics, I mean girls for the next event
2:30- Leave for party in West Seattle that doesn't start until 4'o clock and it only takes a half hour to get to, but somehow you know in your knower you should leave early because ...
3:00- TRAFFIC good thing I brought CAFFEINE 
3:30 ish- arrive at destination and start helping set up for the next party.
4-6- Country Hoe Down in West Seattle - Yee hah!!
6:00- leave to get back for church event in our town
6:30 - TRAFFIC
6:45- back to house because someone forgot a costume and we all transform from cowgirls and cowboys into a 30's retro beautiful Emmers, Chloe Cupcake, Solomon wearing the mask he has so lovingly named Dirk, and Isaiah who was bought a Wizard costume and now has decided that he doesn't want to be a wizard, and shall remain a cowboy. Try to overlook $20 bucks out the door on that one, and Try to overlook that ... we are RUNNING LATE!!
(I have more pics of these, but My Maccy is not working with me this morning so ya get what get)
7:30- Drop off Em to go with friend
7:35- Finally at our final destination ... and what's that you say? It ended at 7:30? Wait, no my sources told me it ended at 9? Wait we walked all the way in here can they just jump one time, look see the tears are welling up in my 8 year olds eyes, and mine?
Ok moving on, Dad was there to save the day with plan B. 
Thank God for Dad's.
Thank God for Plan B's. 
Thank God for lists.
Thank God for moments like this.


Bernadette Veenstra said...

Wow! This is like a Barefoot Hippie Girl type day, except too much caffeine, and way less sleep. Hope you slept good last night. Love you!

No(dot dot)el said...

I slept like a ROCK last night!! For real. IT was amazing! Epic really!!

vintage grey said...

What a day you had!! Such sweet photos!! Glad it was great! xo Heather

No(dot dot)el said...

Thanks Heather, yep it was a busy day, but all good busy, as opposed to be busy for not good reason :)

Patty said...

I have to tell ya,I just found you through Stone Cottage Adventures and have spent the last 20 minutes or so reading about your life,. I love your blog and will enjoy it again as I am now your newest follower. You make me feel normal. Thank you.

Kelly said...

Oh how I love you my dear! You had me cracking up for sure!!

No(dot dot)el said...

You have no idea how great a compliment you just gave me with that ," you make me feel normal" sentence. Thank you so much for the follow.

No(dot dot)el said...

Yay!! I made you laugh. My job here is done. You totally got that 2.5 part huh ?

amoryg said...

Whew. You exhausted me. Know you are a great writer because I just got all anxious from your day. ;)

aimymichelle said...

oh my what a list. i think i would die. in other news. i live in west seattle! crazy.

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