Monday, November 26, 2012

Cyber Monday Stores You Don't Want To Miss

Hello There Beloved Reader-
It's Cyber Monday. Ya know, in case you missed anything on Friday, today is your chance to buy it on line, as opposed to waiting in line. 
I have some stores that I would love for you to put on your Cyber Monday shopping list.
They all have some pretty great deals going on right now so don't miss out.
First have you ever shopped here, Mibbidesign ? 
Well, if you are a Harry Potter Fan, or a Fan of Jewelry that is so unique no one else will ever have the same thing, or a Fan of the Packaging being as great as the gift itself, or just of all things Britain then this is the store for you.  Head over there and tell my friend Livvy I sent you.
Maybe pick up some of these cuties while you are there.

Are you of THE Black Friday shop til you drop kind of cloth? Well, I am NOT.
My sister Bean(aka Gina) is though, and every year when we lived in the same state she would drag my sorry, tired butt out of bed for the tradition of early morning shopping. 
The only problem with me and early mornings is that I'm not generally awake until around the decent hour of ... oh say... 10 a.m. 
I mean you can see me on a weekly basis up at around 6:30 getting those teens out the door, but don't be deceived. Because although my eyes may be open, my mind is still in slumber.
SO add that kind of droopy- dozy- headed state of being + ATM card in her hand you have a recipe for disaster.
Most Black Friday's with Bean,I would come home, survey the damage and have NO CLUE what I bought or who I bought it for. 
But, hey I got it all at Bargain Basement prices. 
I'm done with bargain basement- butt-crack-o-dawn shopping. 
Bring those deals to comfort of my living room with a hot cup of Joe in my hand and we are in business.
That's why I love Cyber Monday.

If you are like me and you are looking for a store you can shop from the comfort of your living room then,

The next store that should be on your Cyber Monday Shopping list is this one, Lovely Little Whimsy
This shop has something for everyone. Beautiful scarves, sweet baby head bands, and some dainty jewelry pieces that I know you don't want to miss out on. My friend Carina has a sale going on today  so head on over there and tell her I sent you. 
Maybe pick out something like this to keep you warm this winter.
I just love that color so much. Don't you just love that color?

Now speaking of warm you might want to head over here to Knitted Simplicity
I'm in love with this piece.
 I think that would do the trick to keep my "neck meat" warm this winter. 
What do you think? If you do head over to Knitted Simplicity, please Tell Sarah I sent you.
And if you still haven't found just the right gift after all those amazing places please OH please go say hello to my friend Hannah
So there you have it folks those would be my Cyber Monday shops for you to check out. 
Oh and of course my shop, Nodots Shop has a 30% off sale today only. 
Happy Shopping !!
Check back later today for the Door Prize winners announcement. 


Heidi said...

I'll be checking these out for sure!

No(dot dot)el said...

Awesome Heidi. They are really great shops. You won't be disappointed. Great sales going on too!

carina lee said...

you're awesome and I love you!

No(dot dot)el said...

Love you too Mrs. Carina Lee ;)

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