Monday, November 26, 2012

Christmas Pics and Door Prize Winners

Well, we had a wonderful Turkey Day(despite my inconvenient-nasty-horrible-no good rash)  with 18 people at our Village Table.
That's right, I said 18 people. 
Needless to say the day after Turkey day I had three goals, 
Benadryl, Caladryl, and Leftover Turkey Sandwiches. 
I accomplished all three.
I'm sad to say that I'm not only still dealing with an inconvenient- nasty-horrible-no good rash itch and scratch over here, but two of my Fab 4 now have a nasty FLU bug that descended upon us two days after Turkey day.
I'm hoping and praying that none of our guests that day took home more than just a bag of left over Turkey.
Why OH Why does the FLU season have to coincide with the Holiday Season?
It's a bit like an infirmary over here.
My skin is literally burning while I type you this note, but no matter I have important happy news to report.
Breenah, Marci, Sonia, and Shontell you are all winners of our doorprizes from Esthers baby Shower.
Email me with your info to receive your lovely Shower gifts.
Now moving on to what was on my agenda today, being at home with two sickies provides a good amount of time to get those Christmas pics ordered. It's never an issue of what photo place is best, Costco provides the best deal 50 cards with envelopes for 14.99.  Plus, this year they are throwing in some calendars for free too. 
Not too shabby.
choosing the picture for the card that's where things get a little hairy. 
Just call me Shabby Hairy Itchy Scratchy over here!
Ok moving on, I think Benadryl might have had something to do with the above comment.
Alright, help me out here.... Option Number One is the picture up there,  but I'm not sure I like Solomon's non-smile. He's the one at the top of the pyramid of Scofields. I like the lighting, and the fact that we are hanging out in the trees. That's kinda how we live now, in the trees. In fact, you could say these pictures were taken in our back yard.
You could say we live in a tree house, it's okay I won't be offended. 
What do you think?
This one below is also an option. I'm leaning more toward the bottom pic because the smiles are all present, although now that I look twice at it Sol's smile isn't much bigger. But considering the fact that this is the child who hates taking pictures I think it's slightly better. And the eyes are in the right direction,  so there is that. There was some objection from one of the older spawn not liking the way they looked, but that spawn can be overly picky and I tend to think a bit too critical. Besides this spawn probably won't even know which picture I end up picking since most of the cards are going out of state, so I think I'm safe to choose this one. 
What do you think?
Option 1 is of us in the trees.
Option 2 is of us in the trees.
Ok, so the scenery doesn't change much but keep in mind the smiles, the lighting and which one do I look better in? 
Hee hee hee...
Come on Momma's you know part of the perks of picking out the picture for the Christmas cards each year is that you get to choose the one that YOU look the absolute best in. 
Just keeping it REAL yawl !
Oh and wash your hands!!


Rachel said...

I like the top one best! And even though I was one of the kids...I was usually assigned to choose our Christmas card picture because my parents were busy and I totally chose the one I looked best in... :P

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

What a beautiful family you have! I can't decide which photo I like best. What about a collage of both? -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

shontell said...

Second pic. Mo's smile skeers me in the first one.

shontell said...

Also. I AM A WEENER!!! Thanks NoDots!!

SarahJane Miller said...

Noel! Silly me-- I am apart of the christmas card swap and I don't even follow you yet ! So I thought I would let you know that I now follow :)

Anonymous said...

I like number 2 best. From auntie Eileen

Bernadette Veenstra said...

Both are great, but I think I like the second one best.

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

'Just noticed I won a door prize! How exciting! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

amoryg said...

I like the first one best. The layout of your beautiful family is best. I think at least.

Hope you all are better soon!

Kelly said...

Oh I like the first one the best too! Girl TELL me you got the $5 off coupon!!!! LOL!!! Can't beat that costco deal that is fo sure!!

kendra kay said...

i like option 1. you know, the one of you all in the trees. :)
p.s. you are all beee-you-ti-fullll!

Brittany T. said...

I love the first pic the best!you and your family are beautiful! I've missed you friend!

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