Saturday, November 17, 2012

Blog Baby Shower and Giveaway

If Carina and I  lived closer to this beautiful Momma  who just had a baby, like just last week, like right after the Storm Sandy came to her neighborhood....

Well, WE would have thrown her a beautiful Baby Shower.

Oh, wait how rude introductions at parties come first.
This is beautiful Esther. 
She writes over here ; Lovingly Thrown Together.
She is the momma to this cute lil man Jake
Is He not the cutest little man you have ever seen?

And now she is the momma to the Star of This Show sweet Siena.

Yes, so as you can see with that lil cute smile up there, and that precious little peanut, she's one busy momma already, as are we all, but never too busy for our blogger buds or for a fellow momma right ladies??
When I thought about the amazing bloggers group that is out there, and that would have surrounded her and encouraged her before this baby got here, if only we lived closer I got a little choked up.

And then I thought, why can't we still do that ?
I want to do that. 
I I asked Carina to help me host this shin dig... and away we go...!

Welcome TO


So here's the deal;
If you want to give Esther a gift to your Shop leave the link in the comment section with the details of what you are giving her and I will contact you with her email.
If you want to send her something in the mail leave a comment and I will email you her address.
If all you can do to bless this young momma is become a new reader and follow her blog GFC then 
You can do that HERE. Please do, she is amazing trust me you won't be disappointed.
And if you want to leave Esther and the baby a blessing or send some vitamin LOVE her way, please leave that in the ... you guessed it.... the comment section below.
And Just like any good baby shower that has games, we know there should be
SO FOR every comment you leave you will be entered into a giveaway.
If you become a new GFC follower to Esther let us know here and you will be entered to win again.
Visit these stores to see what you might walk out the door with;
Maybe a lil something, something from  
 Hannah ,
Carina ;)
But before gifts I thought you should know what kind of Baby Shower you would have attended.
I would have decorated with these.
They are my new favorite at the sewing machine.

And made her a cake that looked like this. 
Ok, well maybe I would have bought a cake that looked like that.

And YOU would have been invited to join in some fun games, great conversation, and coffee (of course there would be coffee)
We would have had egg salad sandwiches, and I would have had those pastel sugary- minty- melt- in- your -mouth candies all over.
We would have prayed a blessing over her and the baby that goes something like this;

Thank you Father God for Esther and for this new life.
Thank you for getting Siena here safely despite the storms of life.
We ask that you would give good health and overflowing joy to them as begin this journey of the mother daughter relationship.
Give Esther and Phil wisdom, trust, and peace in you as they now lead the way for two little ones. 
We pray you give this little one ears to hear and eyes to see you at the youngest age possible.
And WE Thank you so much for all your incredible blessings.
In your name Jesus we pray. 

Don't forget to get some cake on your way out ;)
or leave a comment so you can win.


Breenah said...

This is so cute! I wish you all the best with your new little girl! Both of your kiddos are precious!

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Noel! You are so very beautiful! I hopped over to Esther's, left a comment, and am now a follower. 'Love her blog, too! May I please send a gift? -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

No(dot dot)el said...

You girls are awesome. THanks for coming to this celebration.

Sonia said...

Awesome blog Noel. Amen to your prayer. You are an inspiration. :)

I've checked out Ester's blog. She truly is an inspiration too.

Anonymous said...

hey lady! looks great :) happy to "host" with you... you're the cutest... and so are esther and siena!

shontell said...

Aw!! Cute. I love this idea! Your brilliance is all over this girlie. And my oh my what a beautiful shower. Your cake skills are just fabulous.
Congrats new mamma! I held a two week old baby last night for at least an hour. Her name is Esther. I could have lathered her in mustard and eaten her like she was the last hot dog on Earth. Be blessed by your little hot dog too :D

Esther said...

noel you are so sweet! thank you for showering me with love im feeling blessed by you for sure.

Karrie S said...

Awesome idea ;) I'm a new follower of Ester. Ester-you will be a great mother. You already have built-in intuition, and the most important thing to give your child is love ;) Good luck and I hope the deliver goes fast and easy for you!

Sandra@Beneath this Roof, Within these Walls said...

What a sweet idea, and such precious little ones! Sending loads of blessings, and going over to her blog right now!

Brendan Kenny said...

I am really digging that cake! Awesome idea, my wife would love that. I have been scanning the internet for some reliable baby shower ideas because my wife will be due in a couple of months. I wanted to get baby shower invitations out before it was too late and have everything else in place. However, I am just one man that knows nothing about this kind of stuff. I need help badly! Mainly because I have like 30 minutes a day to plan everything. Do you have any recommendations for me?

marryannwe23 said...

Unique baby shower celebrations.
Have a safe dilvery!

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