Friday, November 02, 2012

Flashback Friday

Yesterday, I attempted to watch the old movie 7 Year Itch  with Marilyn Monroe. 
I got about halfway through and just thought this was just a movie put together so that Ms. Monroe could strut her stuff and I couldn't get past the goofy, mellow dramatic fantasy of a man cheating on his wife. 
So I stopped watching it.
Lame I tell ya.
Please fill me in if you have seen it and feel I am missing out on some fantastic ending?
But in the meantime, did I ever tell you  of when I dressed up as Marilyn one Halloween?
Well, I did.
Not so much because I'm a HUGE fan of her or anything... but because I had the bleach blonde hair for real, and I just couldn't pass that up.
And so I thought you might like to see some pics of my bleach blonde days.

I came to the conclusion that blondes don't have more fun after that season of excruciatingly painful hair dying episodes. Maybe, the natural blonde has a bit more fun since she doesn't have to burn her scalp to get it, but this brunette well she's sticking with brown from here on out.
Seriously, My scalp hurt so bad that if I even scratched my head I was in such pain.
Ok, so that was only for the first few days but still, by the time the pain went away my roots were already showing and I was like, Ugh....No thank you!

 But hey, it hurts to be beautiful right? Wrong. That was way too much maintenance for this Hippie Chic.
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Heidi said...

ugh, yeah that's the problem with going blonde. Three seconds later you've got roots! That's why I went back to brunette as well :) I have to say though, you rocked the blonde!

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

Hi, Noel! My natural color (before gray) is dark brown, but it seems a lighter brown blends a little better with all that crazy gray stuff. You look great as a blonde or a brunette! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Bean said...

Yeah I remember that halloween that was the one I lost all my pics from and Greg was so plowed he wore black lipstick. I say u are cute either way but of course the brown is what is most familiar to me;)

shontell said...

This place reminds me of Santa's workshop. Except it smells like mushrooms and everyone looks like they want to hurt me. HA kidding. We are watching Elf and Buddy is going to the mail room.
He just added syrup to his coffee.
You are such a beautiful blonde. You do rock it for reals.
71 degrees.

amoryg said...

Ouchie!!! I've never seen a MM movie. Maybe that's why.
You do rock the blonde. :) Beauty knows no pain until anything burns. ;)

Anonymous said...

I cannot handle Marilyn Monroe movies. She is beautiful and I'm sure was a lovely person on the inside, too, but I just do not care for her voice. Or acting. :O/

You make a really cute blonde, but I agree, for us brunette girls, it is just too much trouble. I learned the hard way that some people just shouldn't go blonde. A bad dye job complete with bright yellow streaks and a lot of broken off hair convinced me that I can be just fine with my natural hair color. :o)

No(dot dot)el said...

@ Sarah Kate- me either apparently. She really started to get on my nerves midway through this movie.
Thank you all for the compliments but yea... I realized blonde just means more work for me, and pain. Work and pain two word I'm not particularly fond of.

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