Friday, September 21, 2012

On Active Listening

One of my favorite things about being a mom is overhearing what my kids say when they don't know I'm listening. There have been countless conversations over the years that I have overheard that just make me giggle. There are countless more conversations that I overhear and I have to step in and say, Whoa there kiddos in-a-pro-pro!
You can find my favorite quotes and conversations over the years from my kids here;Kids Quotes.

*Total side-note here, but doesn't my baby look like a Football player in the making here. Too bad his mom won't let him play. Put a pin in that point we will come back to it on another day, when I have more time to convince you that I'm right for making this decision and you are wrong. Come back, same place, I mean it.

Ok so...

 I love my blog for the fact that it has documented quite a few of these conversations. 
Well, really I documented them.
But Blogspot helps me keep an ongoing record.
So does pen and paper, but hey... I'm trying to pay Blogger a compliment here, do you mind?

One of the other things about being a momma that I love, is that you get to hear all the brilliant ideas your children have, hot off the press.
Ya know, the real news shattering headlines like;
"When I grow up I'm going to invent something that you could travel backwards with."- Isaiah 8yrs
"I'm going to make bubble gum that could be as big as this house." - Isaiah 8yrs
"I'm going to invent a fan that goes sideways, because it blows more air." Solomon 10yrs.
*Another side-note Solomon the boy rocking the 80's look up there, does not like to take pictures. It really is so sad because he's one good looking boy if I do say so myself. Somehow I need to figure out how to brain wash him while he's sleeping. Suggestions?

So the most recent quote that I need to document here is from  the other day when Isaiah came over to me very excited with something he just had to tell me.

Now,how many of you know that sometimes 8 year olds have a lot of brilliant ideas that they just can't wait to tell you about?

How many of you know that sometimes you don't always hear everything your 8 year old says because well, you kind of sometimes can sort of tune them out?

How many of you know this doesn't make you a bad parent? 

How many of you know, you shouldn't judge it's bad for your health? 
Besides this is a no judgement zone.

So as usual when Isaiah came over to tell me something so important I was half way listening, probably doing something really important like saving the world through blogging. But, My ears perked up a bit when I heard Isaiah say, 

"Mom I want you to know that I don't want anything for Christmas"



 "I don't want anything for Christmas."

So I said, "Ok. Why?"

It was at this time that I felt I was the best parent in the world. Like I had done my job in raising a sweet, wonderful, kind soul who probably wants to give all his toys and presents to the orphans. I was thinking all of our efforts with the Kony campaign really paid off. I was ... well I was sadly mistaken because he then went on to say;

"Well, I don't want anything for Christmas OR my Birthday, and then I want to go to Hawaii."


Now, the good news here is that my baby boy who is now 8 realizes that it cost ALOT of money to go to Hawaii.
The bad news is that he doesn't realize that with the current airfare it will probably take all the Christmases and Birthdays until he's 18 before we could afford a trip to Hawaii.

By then he will have forgotten all about it.
I hope.


kendra kay said...

the worst is when my oldest says, "i don't like going to hawaii" after we've gone. gulp! excuse me?????? fine, you stay home next time and i will save the airfare money, sleeping in a nice condo money, food money, shopping money......

Bernadette Veenstra said...

That is very funny. You all better get saving your pennies.=)

Anna said...

Lol...I love all the quotes.

I look forward to the things Declan will say. ;)

Kelly said...

LOLOLOLOL!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!

shontell said...

ahahaha hahaha My kids are in cahoots this year. Everyone of them (except Sam some days) keeps saying, "PLEASE just take us to Disneyland. We don't need any presents. Let's just go to Disneyland every year." Except they don't know Disneyland is way more money than the clearance presents I buy them each year.

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