Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Goonies and Christ Followers

This might be a long stretch of my imagination, and an even longer stretch for YOUR imagination, but I think there is an analogy between the movie the Goonies and following Christ.

Stay with me here, as I process this out with you.
Ok so, you know in the beginning of the movie when they are all up in the attic and Brant, or is it Brand, or Brad...  alright well the old brother is talking to the younger brother Mikey and he's defending his dad's story about One Eyed Willy and the Treasure, he says "My Father always tells me the truth." This one line started this whole process for me of this analogy. 

I think because Mikey had such a strong faith in his Father's stories being true he inspired everyone else to come along with him on this adventure. Sometimes our faith, YOUR faith inspires people.
Wait, lets pause right here for a moment.
I feel compelled to let you in on a little secret about me.
Word Pictures. 
I- Love-Them. 
So, on any given occasion you might find me coming up with some pretty random, sometimes poignant, often times nonsensical analogies.
That being said, I guess this really isn't a stretch for my imagination to compare The Goonies to those of us that follow Christ, but if it's a stretch for you just...
Now YOU hold on, don't go getting butt-hurt if you are Christ follower because I just called you a Goon.
Let me explain.
The Goonies are a band of brothers and two sisters who are working together to find a Treasure.
WE as Christ followers search everyday for the hidden treasures that are in God's treasure chest.

They all share a common goal, saving the town of Astoria.
WE share the common goal to live and die as Christ.

There are leaders in the group, and there are followers.
WE are all leaders in some way shape or form and we are all followers of ONE.

They make mistakes.
WE make mistakes.

There are doubters, and there are encouragers.
WE have those who can wrestle with doubt or be full of faith, and we have those who can encourage your little socks right off on a daily basis. 

They each bring something different to the table, The Goonie table that is.
WE each bring something different to this banqueting table. All of our gifts are important. Not one is more or less important than the next.

And they each go about this adventure a little different from the next guy. Sure they are on the same path, but the way they handle each skeleton, each "boobie trap, that's what I said" from the next is so different.  But the important part is that they are on this Adventure TOGETHER. 

WE search out the heart of God, the treasure that is with in Him so differently, but that doesn't mean we aren't all in this together. 
They say things like,
"Goonies never Die"
We say things like,
"Be Strong and Courageous for the Lord Thy God is with thee"
I don't say things like that, I say things like what those pictures up there say, see different, but the same.

The goal- treasure.
The end result-  a mother load ship to end all mother load ships.
Akay, that's all I got.
I get to be Chunk ;)


Hannah Hurley said...

This is great! I love analogies too! I also always make them parallel to our walk with Christ...P.s. Don't judge me, I still haven't seen the whole movie :)

Lisa said...

intersting! :)

No(dot dot)el said...

@ Hannah- So glad you enjoyed the silly word picture analogy here.
AND P.S. remember this is a no judgement blog zone ;)

shontell said...

I have always wanted to be Data. That kid has perseverance I am jealous of.

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