Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bringing Up Boys

Okay, here's the deal. I have two girls, and two boys. Most of you already know this, but what I want to tell you this morning is that often times I feel like I am raising two different families. The family from planet girl is easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy for me anyway. 
The family from planet boy... Not SO much!
Raising boys is something that I have found to be quite challenging. 
There are moments when I wonder if I am a good fit for this job.
I mean if you were to look at my resume, I'm pretty sure I wouldn't be the top pick for a person qualified to raise two boys.
I'm a total girly girl who didn't play sports in high school.
Who doesn't play sports now.
And who doesn't plan on playing sports in the future.
What I'm realizing is that boys are busy.
Not just busy but OOBER-BUSY! 
They are a constant, don't turn your head for a second kind of BUSY!
I remember when I first realized that  I was headed into uncharted waters with my boys.
We were all sitting down watching a movie. The girls 9 and 7, boys 6 and 3. 
The girls are sitting watching all nice and quiet, and out of no where the boys are rolling around on the ground wrestling. I was like, "What is wrong with you? Are you hurt? Should I call 911?" 
They were just boys being boys.
Now you have to understand that although I have two brothers and two sisters, my brothers were not raised together really. They were too many years apart so I never saw this kind of behavior. 
My home of origin was very female driven.
My dad is not your stereo typical Tim Allen ARGH argh argh noise making, mechanic fixing, building, sports kind of guy. He was into music and was a disc jockey for over 20 years and so really I didn't have that stronger male presence growing up.
Now though, I am married to... well 
The Moses.
The Giant.
The Man to End All MEN! 
And I have two boys who are his spawn.
*Sidenote- Did I tell you when I was pregnant with Solomon, Moses wanted to name him Magnus so that he could be the kid on the playground with a pile of other kids under his foot and he could say, "I AM MAGNUS hear me ROAR!" ?%??? 
That is an exact quote from My Giant btw, and your welcome.
Back to the topic at hand Bringing up Boys, it's not for the faint of heart.
I am up for the challenge, it's just I have had to pick up some help along the way.
I'm reading the book Bringing Up Boys, by James Dobson AGAIN,
and here is one of my favorite quotes that I will leave you with;
"If you let that kid get bored, you deserve what he's going to do to you."
Ha, well that's what I'm doing.
I'm working on making sure these boys don't get bored.
Wish me luck,
God Speed,
and keep me in your prayers.


Shannon Craig said...

I love your heart and your honesty! That quote at the end is sooo true. Do you find that you are even more taken aback by the boy behaviour because you got the easy ride with the girls first? We have 3 teenage boys (currently 18, 17 and on the verge of being 15) and they have been followed by the fiesty as ever now-4-year-old girl who really rules them all.

No(dot dot)el said...

Thanks Shannon. I totally KNOW that I am taken aback by the easy ride that I had/have with my girls and so that is for sure the everyday challenge is to just understand that they are boys, not girls. Such a HUGE difference. WOW!! Three boys and all teens, and a lil sweet pea at the end there. Holy moley that's amazing!

Kara said...

Goodness, that quote is basically what the trainer just said to me about Siri the Pit Bull!

I have just the one daughter but I have one nephew who lives with us and one who lives a block away and spends hours in my house. I hear you and I am forever grateful they have their own mothers!

Bless you, Noel :)


kendra kay said...

i just love your boys' pics. priceless! i think my feelings may be just the opposite of yours. haha.
i have girl,boy,girl and i call my boy the calm "between" my storms. those girls! love 'em but yea.....they make a momma tired!!

carina lee said...

I mean, is anyone really equipped to raise boys? I am starting to think not :) You are doing a great job, mama! I never played sports either, and I am thinking I'm totally doomed. Love you! Let's do coffee for real very soon.

Noel Scofield said...

@Kendra- not sure why your comment didn't come in my email box ? i think it's so crazy how family dynamics change from one family to the next. Ha ha , I love how you call him your calm between storms. I knew another family that 2 boys and a girl , the girl in the middle she said was her Oreo creme filling.

Carrie said...

oh my gosh, and to think i wanted boys. LOL. but that's a few years from now. i'm sure they bring you lots and lots of joy despite of them being difficult. :D

Want to win a $30 coupon to Chicnova? Come and enter here! :D


Anna said...

I can relate to this so much.

I'm about to join you on this journey and I know I'm going to be out of my element, but thankful for people like you who are so honest about their experiences. I may need to check that book out among others, if you have any recommendations. ;)

Dalayna Dillon said...

hehe these pictures are so cute!... I mean... cool, they're cool. lol


Kelly said...

Haha!!! TRUTH!!! Jacob Dean dumped an entire box of cheerios on the floor this morning. I didn't realize that little booger could even reach the counter!!

Breenah said...

My aunt had three boys, then gained two stepsons. But she's not super girly (other than knitting) so I'm not sure she'd know what to do with girls!

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