Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Let The Wild Rumpus Begin

The first day of school for my daughters is today.
Emma's First year of High School.
Chloe's First year of Jr. High.
I'm not really sure who is more nervous and excited, Me or Them?

The first day of school for my boys is on Wednesday.
I suppose it's good that it wasn't all on the same day, although I am bummed I didn't get that first day of school pic of them all together.
But then again
Too much excitement and emotions for this old momma and my heart might have burst.
Solomon will be in 5th grade this year, and Isaiah in 3rd.
I can hardly believe how fast the years are going by.
A well meaning friend in regards to Emma starting high school said,
"Be sure you don't blink."
Don't ya know those kind of comments are ones that can send this sentimental momma into a tail spin?
So as we head into this new school year I am thinking about the book,
Where the Wild Things Are.
Let me tell ya why.
I always feel when my kids go back to school that I am somewhat letting them out into the wild. I hope that they are protected from the bullies, and that God forbid they are not the bullies themselves. I also feel like I wish I could go with them, or at least be a fly on the wall to see how their day is going.
Ya know, to kinda swoop in and save the day if they need me to.
I know this isn't possible.
Still, a Mom can dream right?
The only thing that comforts me is knowing that although I can't go with them there is ONE who does go with and even before them, and that is Emmanuel(God with Us).
I know that God hears my prayers for them to have a great school year.
To make good choices.
To have amazing learning opportunities. 
And to make great friends.
If you are a momma(or a papa) today who has sent your young out into the wild don't forget, your prayers go with them. 

And So with that being said, I say...
"Let The Wild Rumpus Begin"
Here's to a great school year to you and yours.


Bernadette Veenstra said...

I am always afraid of my kids being bullied too. Kids can be so nasty to each other.

No(dot dot)el said...

It's really crazy how mean kids can change the whole school experience for our kiddos. Thankfully God surrounds our kids with great kids too. xo

Jami said...

So crazy that your kiddos are that old :( WHAT! HAPPENED!? I love all of the pictures you post and that you can see who they are as individuals. It shines through the photos. Well done for raising your children to be who they are created to be and to have confidence in being who they are. One of my fears is that my kids will be hurt by their peers. kids are mean sometimes and to have my kids potentially go through the things i went through makes me want to keep them at home and locked in the closet. thank goodness they have and know a God who is bigger and more powerful than anything that can ever threaten who they are. I have to remind myself about that all the time.

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