Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Back To School Giveaway

Hello There Beloved Readers
Today all of The Fab 4 kids are back in school and it is awfully quiet around here.
I already washed all the breakfast dishes, did some laundry, made some beds, walked and NOW...
 it's time celebrate with another giveaway. 
I decided to ask some other mom's to help me out with this one and let me tell ya,
These lovely momma's are giving YOU some LOOT!
Woot, Woot, for Loot!
SO ... Are you ready for a fun back to school giveaway?
Up first we have my friend Bernadette, who you can find over at Barefoot Hippie Girl .
She is giving you A lovely Toe Ring, Sugar Scrub, and a fun New Nail File. Who couldn't use a new nail file? I know my nails have been quite neglected this summer while hustling and bustling those kiddos all over.
When I first met Bernadette I knew right away we were going to hit it off because, she's a part of that 4 kids club, and well she's amazing! If you haven't met her yet head over there and say hello.

Next we have another busy Momma friend Carina who's oldest lil/big guy just went off to Kindergarten. I still remember every single one of my kids first day of Kindergarten and I'm pretty sure that day is harder on the momma's than anyone else. You can find Carina over at Lovely Little Whimsy.
She's another amazing momma that I feel so fortunate to live near by. And she is giving you some pretties from her shop. Her jewelry is so pretty I want to buy it all. Like Now. 

 Sarah who you can find over at Fontenot Four is a momma that has helped me more than she probably even knows. This woman is beyond top-notch and I feel honored to know her. She is giving you some prime real-estate in blog land people. Not even kidding. If this was a monopoly game her Ad Space would be like getting Boardwalk or Park Place ;)

Salena, is a busy momma that I look to as the light at the end of this tunnel called Parenthood. Let me tell you why, she has grown children and she's still smiling. It's hard to believe, I know because she looks so young. I thought the same thing, but she has lils and bigs and she is STILL Smiling.
You can find Salena  over at A Little Piece of Me.

And then I am so excited to share with a headband made by yours truly that I added an Albert Einstein button to. Stephanie over at Wonder Guess Try made that button and the pendants that I am giving away.
They all represent something that reminds me of this time of year. Sorry that I didn't get better pics but I was kinda busy, YO!
I will describe them to you though. The middle pic has all three pendants. 
The movie Grease, I mean enough said there right? But because I love to sing"I'm in a Store and I'm SINGING!!" I have to start a song here,
"Summer Lovin' Had me a Blast, Summer Lovin Happened so fast." Go on sing with me, you know you want to.
And then Cardigans have always just screamed Fall and School and sigh... oh just goodness.
And then of course we are wrapping up the baseball season so there's that. I'm not even going to mention how my team the Bo's Sox are doing. In fact, let's just not even talk about baseball except to say it's NOT October yet people! It could happen. Bo Sox nation come on!!
So there you have all the LOOT, and now it's your turn to join this Back To School Celebration.
Thank you to Sarah, Carina and Bernadette for helping me make this a Big Back To School Bash!
You Momma's are Stellar and I am beyond thankful for each of you.
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Bernadette Veenstra said...

Wow! Right there front and center. And bummed 'cause this IS seriously good loot.=) Thanks for letting me contribute.

Jami said...

i love your new blog design! so cute! you have tons of great ideas. i might be asking you for advice in the future ;)

No(dot dot)el said...

Yay Bernadette- thank you so much for your contribution.
Jami girl so happy you are blogging again. My first suggestion to you would be getting a button so I can easily find you (wink wink)

Kelly said...

Oh girl this is GOOD stuff! I hope i win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Heidi said...

Wow, great giveaway! Hope I win :)

Catherine said...

How fun!!

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