Thursday, August 23, 2012

The Snark Has Been Lifted

Here's the thing, I have been some kind of Snarky recently.
Really, beyond Snarky.
I've been bordline B-word.
But I just love that word Snarky.
Do you know what that word means? 
Well, I will tell you,
actually Urban dictionary will tell you.

Snarky- Adjective 
Any language that contains quips(what's a quip?) 
or comments containing
sarcastic or satirical witticisms intended as blunt irony. 
Usually delivered in a manner that is somewhat abrupt 
and out of context and intended to stun and amuse.

  I'm not sure that my comments are stunning or amusing, they have been more on the border of bitchy! (Oh right we covered that)Sorry for the curse but it's really true. I guess it's good that I realize this, but it's not helping me to be less Snarky. 

Last night, I was even shocked by the comments that were rolling off my tongue and onto a platter of garbage, so I thought ya know I need a "check up, from the neck up." I headed out the door with two kids in tow. I dropped them off to a youth event at church and I proceeded onto Choir practice, where I thought surely worshiping Jesus will change this Snarky behavior right around.


So then I thought well, maybe I just need some junk food? Who will be my witness that sometimes what we eat really helps our overall attitude and mental well being? Anyone? Come on people don't leave me hanging! I went to Jack in the Box and got my "Go To" favorite junk food of all time, Jalapeno Poppers. I gobbled them up lickidy split and drank some Diet Dr. Pepper and still nothing. In fact at this point I started to get a belly ache, which only encourages a Snarky tude. 
After picking up two happy youthz(New Girl fans quote for ya) I decided that the only hope to rid myself of my Snarky behavior was just to go to bed early. I got home, got kids all settled in and went pretty much straight to bed.

And do you know what? 
It worked.
I woke this morning feeling better.
I felt renewed.
I felt refreshed.
I felt like the Snark had been lifted.(At least until next month ;) wink wink)

To keep that Snark from coming back I have a list of what I'm thankful for because after all it is Thankful Thursday.

Today, I'm thankful for a fresh perspective.
I'm thankful for a good nights sleep.
I'm thankful for Jalapeno Poppers.
I'm thankful for youthz.
And I'm thankful for people who love me despite my Snark!
I'm thankful that Emma made the High School Volleyball team.
I'm thankful for coffee with foam.
I'm thankful for my health.
I'm thankful for my children's health. 
I'm thankful that My Giant is home after his recent business trip.
I'm thankful for my 2 cups of Awesome.
I'm thankful for you beloved reader.
I'm thankful for good books.
I'm thankful for "new days fresh with no mistakes."

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Heidi said...

listing all the things we're thankful for usually helps change my attitude (a good night's sleep always does wonders too) and yes... jalapeno poppers YUM!

carina lee said...

love you, girl! a little snark is normal once in awhile, but being grateful is a good way to keep it in check :)

Kristin_Texas said...

"... the snark had been lifted," - That need to be printed on a T-shirt.

"I'm thankful for coffee with foam." - I echo that sentiment! I just made myself a cup and am waiting for it to cool down.

I might have to add a "Thankful" bit to my old post, too. You've inspired me!

Well, that and I'm avoiding the exercise the bike like the plague.


S. Franklin said...

Sleep deprivation definitely increases the snark factor for me! Nice list of things you're thankful for--puts it all back in perspective. Have an awesome weekend :)

Barefoot Hippie Girl said...

I love the word snarky. It just covers so much.=)
Glad you got a good night's sleep. Here's to wishing you another.

Jeni said...

1) I am also a big fan of the word snarky.
2) I agree with Kristin that "The snark has been lifted" would make a great t-shirt
3) I'm pretty sure that your snarky is everyone else's normal. I am really having a hard time imagining you REALLY being snarky... Hehehe...

Dalayna Dillon said...

Great post. You know sometimes we just gotta do what we can do and think of all the things that are blessings in our lives. Thanks for posting!

Jami said...

street yooouthz

Jamie Skaates said...

I love the word snark too, and now I'm happy to know it's official meaning!

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