Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I Love my new design, thanks again to the amazing and truly fab Alyx.
I Hate nothing about it, at all what so ever.
Nothing but love right there. 

I Love  coffee and that I live in the Mecca of coffee land, Seattle.
So many coffee beans So little time.
I Hate that sometimes I drink more of it than I probably should and stay up til the wee hours of the early morning.

I Love, LOVE, Love watching old movies. I watched How To Steal A Million the other night and I thought...
I Hate that I haven't seen this movie until NOW! So many movies so little time.

LOVE... no I adore My niece Savanah Rae. 

Is she not the cutest 5 year old you have ever seen?

I hate that I am not there in NV to see her off to Kindergarten or to take her out for some special Auntie/Niece after school cupcake time. I also hate the fact that she is growing up so fast. SO not okay!

I Love that in one week(One WEEK people) from today I will have a High Schooler,
A Jr. Higher, 
and Two boys in Elementary.
I Hate that 3 schools will get to enjoy my kids for more hours in the day than I will. 

I Love that My Favorite Season, Fall is right around the corner.
I Hate that the summer is almost over.

Now it's your turn share some loves, share some hates, grab a button and link up.


Alyson @Eisley Rae said...

Love the new look! It's so fun. Yes, your niece is adorable!! Yay for fall. I can't wait for the cooler temps. And yay for coffee lovers!

christina said...

love this list! that really is the worst part about school ... not seeing them all day! Love your new look!!!!

Barefoot Hippie Girl said...

I don't have a love/hate this week. I don't even have a love or a hate.=) But your niece is adorable. And I love the clean look of your blog.

Alyx said...

wow, you guys haven't started school yet?! Crazy! All the kids out here started last monday (I think... or was it the wednesday before that? who knows...).

BeaumontGirl said...

Ahhh your blog had an ADORABLE make over since I was last here :) Love the new banner!!!!! I always love reading your love/hates:)

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