Monday, August 13, 2012

Letters To Pets (August)

Here it is August 13th, and I am just now writing my letter to Pets for this months link up. I am sorry to my following of readers who may have written their letters and have been waiting for me to post the link up, but I will tell you why I am so late on this.
I think subconsciously I procrastinated in writing this months letter because I had to say goodbye to our foster dog Briot, Aka Riot, Aka Darkness, and I have been sad about it ever since.

A few weeks ago Briot had a rough night, and so did the poor person he happened to bite. It didn't break skin, and I know it had more to do with a mix up with my other dog Bella who was sitting on the person's lap, but still I had to call Briot's person and let him know that Briot couldn't stay.

I live around too many people to worry about a dog who may have the potential to bite and one of my personal cardinal rules when it comes to pets is that they are the pet not the person.
As much as I adore my 4 leggeds they aren't above the value of the people in this house. I have known people who don't think this way, and to them I say "To each his own." But for me, and my house, this is how it has to be people above pets.

So this is a forewarning this letter might be a bit emotional;

Dear Briot,

I am so sorry that you had to go. It broke my heart to say goodbye to you. I hope your time here will be a happy memory and I also hope that we will get to see you again in the future.I'm sorry that Bella got you in trouble.
You are a good dog Briot. You were such a good influence on our puppy Barley. He really misses you the most because no one can play fetch like you. You taught him to mellow out a bit, and I can tell that he will forever be changed because of you.
I know that you are so much happier being with your person right now even if it is a smaller space that you have to dwell, at least you are together. 

I miss you already, and hope to see you again in the future.

With Love
your foster mom,


Now it's your turn, once a month I do a link up for those of us that have pets that we would like to highlight on our blogs. You can write a letter or it can just be a recent post about your pet, either way this is a good chance to meet other animal lovers out there and make some new friends. 
Grab a button if you want and post it with your post and Be sure to link up below and try to comment on at least one other link up.


Kristin_Texas said...

Sorry to hear about Briot. I have a feeling he'll be okay and you did the right thing because you followed your gut/intuition.

By the way, this is strange. I JUST NOW was writing my 2nd pet letter (I've only written one months ago) when lo and behold there's your new pet letter right up at the top of my feed. :p


JoKnows said...

That's really too bad. Poor thing. But you did what you had to do. I always believe in giving dogs a good chance, but you can't risk having someone harmed.

Erin said...

Aww it's so hard to say good bye. I'm sorry you had to do this. I don't blame you for putting you letter off. I would have done the same thing.

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