Tuesday, August 14, 2012

50's Village Photo Shoot

On Friday my friend Dana who is now my neighbor here at the Villiage(yes I live with a Village of people, more on that later) did a fun little 50's retro photo shoot with all of the girls here at 9567. These are our girls, minus Shain who is Dana's youngest daughter. 
From Left to Right;
My daughter Chloe on left
Middle is my daughter Emma 
And Rio who is Dana's daughter, is the Cutie there on the right end.
*Notice the kicked up leg of my Chloe girl on the end there. 
Take note that this Sass a Frass is ONLY12.
Put a pin in that side-note, we will come back to that later.

Back to Dana the artist behind the camera. She just bought a fancy pants camera that I am drooling over and trying really hard not to break commandment number 6 or 7... ya know the one that says something about not coveting your neighbors belongings, or Fancy Pants Camera. 
This is my daughter Emma. She was going for a school girl/librarian look.
 I think she pretty much nailed it.
Dana did such a good job capturing them all that I now know I have no need to purchase School pictures EVER

I've never been a fan of Lifetouch or any other school pic that just shuttles our kids in like cattle before the camera lens.  They take one snap and call it good, even though our kids aren't smiling, hair is a mess, and then they want hundreds of dollars for these lame shots.
Am I alone here? Does anyone else feel the same about the lame school photos?
I would much rather have something like this for Chloe's start to her Jr. High Days.

Moving on,
This is my daughter Chloe aka Lo Lo.
Remember the one with her leg kicked up there at the top of the page?
Don't forget we are coming back to this here 
Little Hot Tamale in a minute. She wore the dress that was my Maid of Honor Dress in sister Jen's wedding last summer. Do you recognize the dress Auntie Jen? Well, I have to say it looks much, much cuter on her.

And this is Rio, Dana's daughter who also lives here now. I had so much fun getting this girl out of her comfort zone and dolling her up. Doesn't she just rock those vintage sunglasses? It was so fun to see all our girls dressed up in an old fashioned style. I absolutely had a blast doing hair and makeup and seeing how they did each others hair and makeup brought me right back to the days of doing this kind of thing with my sisters. 


And then cousin Derek's new wife Samantha also lives here at the Village. 
She wore this dress that I bought a long time ago for a good friend who never wore it. She gave the dress back to my daughter Emma in April and Em wore it for her Jr. High School Grad.
It is an amazing vintage dress that looked lovely on Sam. 
Well, and it's not hard to make Samantha look lovely. 
She is a very pretty lady.
In the picture below we going for the no smile, serious look that you see in all the really old photos.
Can someone please tell me why they went for the no smile look in all the pictures back then? It's so weird to me that they all look so sad and serious. It also really bums me out that I never got to see very many pics of my great grandparents who I know were happy Italians, but in the pics they look like they just heard of someone's death.

We had so much fun playing dress up for the day. 
So now you know, what to do on a Hot Summer day with no where to go and nothing else to do? 
Have a fun impromptu photo shoot. 
It was great fun for the whole Village.

Ok and then here is the reason I wanted to come back to that kicked up leg that my daughter Chloe had;

Umm... I am not allowing this 12 YEAR OLD GIRL
out of the house.



And then of course there was some time for lil' ole  me to get in front of that camera. 
Got to tell you that I much prefer being behind the camera rather than in front, but it was a blast. 
Dana is such a good photographer, and I am so excited about her new business to photograph the little ones. (more on that later)
Have I ever told you of my love for all things vintage, retro, old,  or antique? 

Well now you know.


Heidi said...

Loving the retro photo shoot, what a great idea! Plus you have some major ink there, I LOVE IT!! How had I not noticed before?

Ronniesays said...

Love the pictures, such beautiful ladies. So much fun.

Nicole said...

Your daughters are gorgeous! This looked like it was sooo fun!

Emily Spark said...

She's 12?! Oh my goodness.

Brittany T. said...

OMG you girls look fabulous! love the retro look! love it! and I love your new signature! :)

LeiShell said...

haha, great pics! Yes, I feel that way over school shots! I lure people into my photography with that line "do you really want generic, when I can give you amazing?!" Cameras are an investment, but worth every single penny...start the penny jar!

Barefoot Hippie Girl said...

I love the polka dot dress. And you all are beautiful. I think your outside beauty is emphasized by your inner beauty.

Sonia said...

Looks like a fun day. :) cool pics.

Alyx said...

Noël!! Your girls are beautiful, but hey - we know where they get it - you are one hot mama!

Anonymous said...

You by far are the most fun girl I know. What a lovely village you have created,and that Cloe, what an absolute knock out!!!

Erin said...

So much fun! You ladies all look so lovely! I love doing hair and make up, too.

Wow, 12?! I can't believe it! I totally agree with you LOCK HER UP!

Kelly said...

Oh I LOVE this I LOVE this I LOVE this!!!!! I wanna live in the Village SERIOUSLY!!!! WWWHHHHHHAAAAA!! Why ya gotta be so far away!!! Where's the nearest city? Maybe J should start applying 4 jobs there! And yes!!! LOCK HER UP!!! LOLOL

kendra kay said...

such fun pictures!

Salena Lee said...

Wow, I love these photos! How fun! My daughter was just talking to me about wanting to do something like this. :)

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