Monday, August 27, 2012

Some Might Say

some might say I'm a housewife 
some might say she's nothing more
some might say how hard can it be to sweep the floor?

some might say that I can cook, 
some might say that I can clean,
i wonder if my job will ever truly be esteemed ?

some might say she's just a mom
some might say she's got the hardest job
i feel like half the time my days are but a fog.

some might call me crazy 
some might call me silly
i think i'm maybe both

some might say i'm quiet
some might say i'm loud
i think i'm in between

some might say i nurture
some might say i protect
i feel there is no problem that I can't deflect

some might say i sing 
some might say i write
i know my voice will disappear 
one day from sight

some might say i watch
some might say i yearn
i know how hard it is to listen
and how hard it is to learn

some might say i'm vintage
some might say i'm new
i think i'll stick to what i do
and be among the few
to not worry about what
some might say.


Barefoot Hippie Girl said...

I love it. Some might say you're a great friend. 'Cause you are.=)

Katrin said...

Love this! You're awesome! :)

Anonymous said...

I know one who says you're an incredible daughter, mom, wife and!

LeiShell said...

Love this. So creative.

irishtwinsmommababybook said...


Love your new layout!!!

Katrin said...

Oh, and I just want to say that I love the fact that you love My Fair Lady! :))

Cami said...

Some might say you're beautiful too..because - you are!! :)

Adorable post <3

Alyx said...

I love this. Really. I just read it twice, and I think I want to read it again.

Hannah said...

I like this a lot a lot!!

Janna Renee said...

Saying hi from MDH, and I LOVE this...very inspiring and I'm sure that it's so relatable to all moms out there!

No(dot dot)el said...

@ Anon- Thanks Momma-zita!

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