Thursday, August 16, 2012

Oh The Joy of Being A Housewife

Good Morning Beloved Reader
I have a real treat for your this morning.
The above photo has inspired this hodge podge post where I will give you a poem, a quote maybe two, and of course some thoughts from yours truly.

Many of you know that last fall I hung up my apron from teaching to take up my first job again and that is the job of a Housewife.
Not really sure where that title came from because I am neither a House(sing: She's a Brick House she's Mighty Mighty) nor am I married to my house, but whatevs.
It's like the title Stay At Home Mom, 
Do we really Stay at home, Moms? 
Uh-oh I'm getting off to rant-ing kind of start and that is NOT what this post is going to be, I promise.

Now, I realize this is a large topic with many opinions out there, but I'm not really here to rant or to rave  about all those opinions, cause you know what they say about opinions?
They are like... well, you fill in the blank on that one.

Okay moving on about a month ago I participated in a gift exchange and I met this amazing lady
who writes poetry
and Designs
and is amazing... oh wait I already said that.
To prove to you how amazing she is I would like to share a poem 
of hers that she wrote and I bookmarked to share for a topic such as this;

On The Injustices of Dirty Dishes

Thrown casually aside into a pile,
indifferently stacked and pressed up against strangers,
like a body count of war victims
dumped all into a unmarked grave.

Discarded as soiled, impure, 
bacterial shame colors their faces
in the wake of their hygienic rape.

Forcefully tortured with 3rd degree aquatic burns
only to have bristle-and-wire pads scraped across them,
their skin rubbed raw for faultless blemishes,
uncommitted crimes -
innocents punished for the flaws of their masters.

Parts of themselves carved away,
or smoothed over,
the psychologist of the sink
replacing them all into carbon-copy rows,
identical, cleansed faces normal once more.

See Amazing right? 
Anyone who can talk about a sink full of dirty dishes like that is 
pure genius in my book.

Now every good housewife knows that her life's work will consist of many, many, many dirty dishes, but I hope now that you have been enlightened to the feelings of those dishes you might get a good giggle next time you stand at that sink for countless hours.

Maybe this quote will help too;

"Housework is like stringing beads
with no Knot at the end."

Can I get a Witness on that one desperate housewives?
I saw that quote a while back and it reminded me of another quote 
that came on the cork of a bottle of wine from Mad House Wife Wine,
which btw would be my prescription to you beloved housewife if you have had a 
like I did yesterday.

"Housework can't kill you but why take the chance?"

And now as I prepare to tell you the secret of how to be a joyful housewife(pay close attention it's hidden somewhere down there) I leave you with one more final note of encouragement;


For real. 
That should be our title :
Rock Star Housewife Stay At Home Mom

What do you think? 
Too long? 
Ok well, you really are. Those of you who are reading this post and have already done a load of laundry, a sink full of dishes, read your bible(the most important ingredient to a joyful housewife), made some coffee, kissed hubby as he headed out the door, and have now managed to sit and read this;

Go ahead pat yourself on the back and realize that you are untouchable
in the jobs department. There isn't a resume long enough to brag about all that you are capable of and seriously, if we were having a cup of joe right now listening to Billy Holiday and laughing I would say it again.


did you find the secret in there?

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Kristin_Texas said...

Lol! at the dirty dishes poem. I cannot stand washing dishes, yet I can't walk into a kitchen without having to do them again... and again... and again. It never ends. (And here I don't even have kids!)

Like right now, see? I'm about to go downstairs to clean up after my cat, and I just remembered I have to unload the darn dishwasher.


LeiShell said...

I loved this. I did do ALL those things this morning! Except kiss my hubby goodbye since he has been out of state fighting fires, it is like single parent status here...hard work. And so I needed to be called a rockstar, thanks! Have a blessed day! I shared on my Facebook I liked it so much:)

Jaimie said...

Thanks, Noel, this is awesome! The poem...oh goodness, that was funny. :) :) I feel encouraged--you did it! :)

Kelly said...


Euskualduna said...

I know how crazy your house is and you do a hell of a job making everyone comfortable and welcome. And that my friend is one of the reasons I think YOU are a rockstar..

BeaumontGirl said...

hahaha awesome :) Love this, was laughing the whole time. And read it to my hubs :) Have a great evening miss Noel!

alanna rose said...

You are a rock star!
It's been...well it's been like a week of *those* days, but there have been some lovely bright spots :) one of them was your thrifty package! I adore everything, and I took pics, but the blogging hasn't happened will, but I can't promise when.

Alyx said...

I really like that poem that Amanda wrote!!
And you are just gorgeous.

Salena Lee said...

Seriously, you broke into my house and wrote about my kitchen?! I swear I'll get to it tomorrow, I'm just too tired right now. :) I agree, rock star stay at home mom. I love this post, nothing can compare or even measure how important a SAHM is. xoxo

Anna said...

Newest follower, came over from Fontenot Four. :)

I just love everything about this post! Thanks for sharing! <3

christina said...

such a great post! It is sad sometimes that many people find no value in being at home... :)

but sometimes I seriously think...did I not JUST clean this room!? Just one day can no one play with thier toys or get dressed ... lol ... just kidding ;)

great post!!

Tif said...

Following you!

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