Wednesday, January 02, 2013

S'more Favorite Pics from 2012

Sorry to trick you with that title. I won't actually be doing a DIY on how to make S'mores so if that's why you meandered over here, you should probably just meander on over somewhere else.
Although, I will say my favorite way to make a S'more is with a Reese's Peanut Butter cup. Have you ever tried it that way? 
Why am I talking about S'mores when it's just the very cold, dark, start of winter and S'mores are very clearly a summer time treat?
Well, thanks to my Bro in Law or as I like to say, Bro in Love Izzy.
Speaking of Izzy he and his beautiful wife my sister Bean(real name Bean... just kidding... Gina Bo "bean" A) came for a visit in April of 2012. They came with my brother Jeremy and my Mom and Dad so I'm sure you can imagine the amount of fun that was had, and pictures that were taken, but for now 
Here are some, and by some I mean a lot, okay maybe just 4 that jumped right out at me, of my favorite pics from that trip.
Let's just start with Bean's family first since Izzy is the King of S'mores and then we will have S'more pictures later. Ok... I'll stop.
No I won't.
(Sister Bean and Bro in Love Iz with beautiful nieces Savanah and Sophia at the Tulip Festival in April 2012. Aren't they just the prettiest bunch of tulips, I mean faces you have ever seen? Except Iz, he's looking dapper as always, not so much pretty.)

(Savy Rae my niece. With a melt my heart sweeter than a S'more makes me want S'more of her cute grin)
(Isaiah, and Sophia Tulip Festival 2012. My baby Isaiah who is not actually the baby in the photo he was 7 here, and sister Bean's baby Sophia who is in fact a baby in the photo was only 4 months. She is her youngest, he's my youngest... the babies of our families. To see this makes my heart swell with Joy! Babies, Oh how I have a wicked strong romance for the babies!! And, No I don't want S'more babies, I just will always love the babies. Ok maybe I could have S'more, but I would have to win the lottery and then adopt. Hey it could happen? :)

(And Finally I leave you with these here Gangsta's !!
Isaiah Spider Man and Savanah Butterfly.
Have way more, like S'more amazing pics from this visit, but I will stick with those for now.)

I can hardly believe that it's 2013.
Does anyone else feel the same?
Meet me right back here for S'more picture fun tomorrow.
Until then, how are those resolutions going?
Anyone, fell off the wagon already?


Sonia said...

Happy 2013! Yeah, I can't believe another year has blown by either. :0)

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

What beautiful photos! I, too, love babies! The background of tulips is so pretty. S'more pix, please! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

Kendra Pahukoa said...

well shucks! i was coming over to drool over melted chocolate and fluffy marshes! :)
happy new year beautiful girl!

christina said...

haha thanks for the smile this morning! s'more/ totally a summer treat :)

p.s. my nickname growing was bean.

Shane Prather said...

Just stumbled across your blog through twitter :) How cute are they??

xo Shane

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