Thursday, January 24, 2013

Random Thoughts Thursday

Hello There Beloved Reader and Happy Thursday~
I got some random thoughts for ya this Thursday.
I think there are about 4 random thoughts here, but ya never know I do get easily distracted so go ahead and count them if you want. It will be like a fun little game, maybe even with a prize at the end.
Ready, Seady, GO!!

The rains have returned, and therefore the temps are up a bit here which I will take any day of the week, over the freeze your nose hair temps we have been experiencing.
For those of you who are still experiencing icicles on your nose hairs, I do apologize from the bottom of my heart I do. But ... I feel a song coming on here, "I'm only happy when it rains, I'm only happy when it's complicated"
That's what I'm singing today.
However, even though I do love me some rain, I gotta say
who knew that living around such moisture could be a very bad thing in the winter?
Certainly not mu-wah! 
I mean no one told me when I moved here that if it did get down to freezing temps your doors might freeze shut. 
And they did.
Not Good people. 
Not Good at all.
 ( So that" if " is in bold print because our freezing temps are still  an" if "in the minds of all Californians...and Ahem... maybe even a few Nevadians,  who live here in Washington. They are clearly still in denial that it does indeed get into freezing temps. They clearly have denial issues. Clearly.)

Thankfully, strange but true, those low temps get taken away by the rains and so did My Giant.
Well, I mean he didn't like get washed away in a flood or anything, that was Noah silly, not My Moses. Ahem... but he left yesterday, and is gone off to NV to have a birthday bash vacation like none other.
Why is he in Nevada you ask?
Well he turned 40 yesterday,
and can I get a witness from the wives out there that there is BIG pressure for just the right gift for our men on BIG days like when they turn 30,40, or 50. 

Why again, are the numbers with the zero or the five the bigguns? 
(This is a picture of My Giant when he was a small boy. He has one hand in his pocket and the other hand is holding a small blue flower. He is the cutest boy in the whole world.)

I thought long and hard about what to get my big man for his 40th birthday and in the end I knew deep down in my knower,  what he would want most is
  Time off from work and time with his beloved Pop, and some family and friends so thankfully for me his birthday month happens to fall in the slow season at his work so I shipped him off to his Old Man. I bought him a ticket, told him to schedule time off and away he went.

He said I get an A++ in the wifery department for this and much more ;)
To which I said, Whew that extra + gives me some wiggle room.. Thrift Store here I come!
Just kidding.
No I'm not.
Yes, yes I am.
Right now at this very moment though,
my kids are in school, and I am taking my lunch break, listening to the Dean Martin Pandora station and getting ready to clean my house, 
I'm thinking about the wonderful night we had last night celebrating My Giant, with our Fab 4, the Village people, great conversations into the wee hours, and 
Oh,  and This !
That cake was worthy of a name.
Have you ever had food so good that it's worthy of a name?
Well, this cake was THAT good.. so come on let's name it.
Death By Chocolate ... no that's been done before.
Chocolate Landslide... lame.
HOLLA a whole lotta  CHOLLA!!
By cholla I mean C-H-O-C-O-L-A-T-E.
By chocolate I don't mean just any chocolate, I mean Devil's Food cake and Hershey's Frosting Chocolate.
And yes, I did just make up my own word.
I can do that.
I'm an adult.
Still, I'm not sure HOLLA CHOLLA is the right name for this guy.
Oh wait, I know what it should be named....
drum roll please.....
OH, and THIS!!
that's it's name 
Oh, and This(emphasis on the THIS)
Needless to say, but I will say it anyway,
 there goes 23 days of workouts, and being good, but it was worth every bite. 

Well, I will miss My Giant for the next few days, but I am so happy for him to have this much needed time off, and quality time with his peeps. 
 I'm thinking about all the crafting I'm going to get done while he's away this weekend, 
and I'm also thinking I might to need to make another cake upon his return.
Ya know, like a welcome home gift?
What do you think?


LeiShell said...

Where abouts are you at? We are getting rain here in my mountain hometown in Cali...but before this...frozen doors, cars that won't start and so cold that TWO layers of JACKETS were necessary, not cool! I loved the cake description..made me laugh and made me hungry.

No(dot dot)el said...

@LeiShell we are in Seattle area so it stays a bit warmer than most surrounding mountain areas, but still when it gets cold ... it get COLD!! ha ha glad you enjoyed that part. Wish you could have enjoyed a piece of the cake with me. :)

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