Saturday, January 05, 2013

Series of Very Fortunate Events

I'm still going through 2012's pics to find my favs and I hope you are still here beloved reader. 
Next week there will be more than just pictures and silly, silliness ... wait ... no there won't this is Noël's beautiful life after all and silly is my middle name. 
No it's not but ... okay moving on.
My parents as well as my brother Jeremy, Gina and Izzy and my nieces all came to see this past year for Easter. On the last day they were here Bean had the brilliant idea to get a picture with my Mom and Dad and all their grand babies. Little did we know what an event that was going to turn out to be. But, going through this series of very fortunate events has been balm to my soul. 
These are some very warm memories that are bringing the sunshine to my very Seattle grey days lately so hang tight, I'll get some topics going next week.
And remember...
"The winter must be cold for those with no warm memories"
Take 1 Grandpa Greg is being silly and The Biscuit might be loosing her French accent soon ;)

Take 2 Grandma Ellen is in her happy place, can you tell? Oh and Last Minute Biscuit needs a hat adjustment.

Take 3 Isaiah looks like he's been getting into the Sailor Jerry's, but other than that I think this one's pretty good what do you think? Photo shop?

Take 4 Ok, Ma... You have been married to him for 42 years I think you have looked at him long enough. Yoo Hoo.... over here Ma... ahem Ma 
(Truly the love in her eyes for my dad in this one makes me swell with pride and joy that my parents are still in love ahem... wait a minute maybe she's looking at the baby? Shoot, just when I was getting all happy and stuff)
Take 5 we are starting to get the hang this... all eyes are forward except who's that over in the corner looking down at her shoes? EMMA.... come on yer killing me smalls?
Take 6 I think my dad was just about over it at this point and was telling the camera lady, " You can just Go take a walk Ducky!!"
Take 7 again, this time Dad has his eyes open Isaiah what were you consuming that day? Seriously Zed head you look ... well like Zed head.

I feel that I have built you all up to finally have a drum roll here at the end and then the creme de la creme Grandparents photo. But I can't find one to save my life. Bean if you are reading this and you have one where all eyes are facing forward, Dad is not goofing off, and The Biscuit has her accent on could you email me please. 
Until then, out of these 7 if you were forced to choose which would it be?
Also, is is just me or is there a striking resemblance to my baby's silly faces and my dad's silly faces? 
Well, I mean after all they do share the same name. 
I just love looking at these. Thanks for letting me share them with you all. 

Happy Weekend!


Alyx said...

LOL! I love family photos... seems like it's prety much impossible to get one where everyone is behaving. :)
It's like that for us and there's only 2 of us... what the heck will we do when there's more?!?!? !

Breenah said...

Between all of the pictures you might be able to Photoshop a "normal" one, but I like these :)

aimymichelle said...

oh man these are awesome!

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