Monday, January 07, 2013

Giveaway, OH how I love Giveaways...

"Dear Friend,
 I like to start my notes to you as if we are already in a conversation"

A few days ago, wait, I mean a week ago, nope two weeks ago now,  wait WHAT THE...  last month my friend Tasha came to see me.
This sweet lady is so creative and I begged her to bring that creativity with her on this trip.
She did.
I'm guessing that it would have been hard for her to leave that behind because it's just kinda in her DNA.
Tasha is amazing. 
She constantly challenges the status quo with her yearly challenges that she gives herself and she is truly an inspiration to me in so many ways. 
She kept asking me what I wanted her to bring so beyond just her and her beautiful self I asked, no ... 
I begged her to teach me how to make these while she was here.
She did.
This is a Recycled Men's Tie Flower.
This is her baby.
I will not, I repeat NOT give away her secrets, but I am so glad she shared them with lil Ole' Me.
The greatest part about that flower was that it was made from an old tie that my dad gave me. He gave me a whole bag of ties actually when I was home in November because he is retired now and has no use for them, and guess what I intend to do with each and every one of them? You guessed it, make those beautiful one of kind(maybe two) upcycled flowers, and then of course wear them, and then of course sell some of them in my store.
On top of leaving behind some of her creative genius...
and some great memories, 
she also left behind some amazing goodies to sell in my store and today I want to share those goodies with YOU beloved reader.

Have you ever seen or have you ever heard of a silverware caddy?
Well, that is what these are.
The purpose for these beauties can be multi-used.
You can use them like Tasha hopes you will, to stop using plastic ware at parties and picnics because you can now bring your own set of silverware. Your friends and family will not only be impressed with your determination to "going green" but they will probably be envious of your coolness factor going up a notch or two.
You can simply bring these everywhere you go because then you will KNOW that your eating utensils are without a shadow of a doubt clean. Ya know, like if you kinda have a Monk-ish, OCD-ish quality going on.
You can use them for storing your crocheting needles when they are not in use for the party or picnic where you won't be using plastic ware because you are Green now remember?
Either way you should check them out here;
Oh right, I almost forgot the giveaway part.
So here's the deal if you can tell me where the quote at the top of the page comes from in a comment that is your first entry for this giveaway. AND IF you leave a seperate comment to tell me what you would use those silver ware caddy's for then that would be your second entry. Then if you are not a GFC follower here yet become one, or  tweet about my shop for a total of 4 entries. 
I'm sure you want to know what you will win right?
How about this;

A 50% off discount on anything, that's right I said anything at
And a 10 gift card to Target.

And You 
Happy 2013 Beloved Readers ;)
Winner to be announced on Tuesday, January 15th


shontell said...

"As apposed to what we are: two people who met in a chat who where you both CLAIMED we had never been before." You've Got Mail. Spoken by Kathleen Kelly. I LOVE this game.MORE MORE!!

shontell said...

I misspelled opposed. It's early. Anyway, You could fo sho use those stinking CUTE silverware guys on picnics. it would give a little place mat for tailgating or on the road as well.
Me? I would wrap my kids' toothbrushes, flosser, and a note from mom and tuck them in their sleepover bag.

bean said...

Damn it, it is you've got mail and I knew it while reading it! I would use one of those caddys to go green, to be clean and for camping:)

Anonymous said...

Gotta go with "You've got mail"....


marci357 said...

Thinking I would use them for taking my sewing supplies when I go to babysit the grandkids :) I LOVE TASHA'S Great Color Combos!!!!

Kendra Pahukoa said...

oh that gum wall. gag. i made my daughter take a senior pic in that area and she is literally got the funniest look on her face. she was so scared someone was gonna bump her and she would stick to the wall...haha

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