Friday, January 04, 2013

Say Cheese!!

Hello There Beloved Reader 
Happy Friday!!
I'm still going thru last years photos to find all my favs so if you are here for the Flash Back Friday link up I want you to know I haven't given up on that link-up, or my other ones Love/Hate and Letters To Pets, I just need another week off from them okay? 
I realize it's been a while and normally
I don't make promises so I won't promise you that they will be back next week but there is a really, really, good chance, I  mean really good, that they will be live next week and I do SO hope you can join me cause those link ups are like a party, and parties are only fun if there are people :) attending them. 
So please check back in next Friday. 
You're a good boss beloved reader.
Thanks for that extra week off.

That's why I still work for you.

You know what else I would work for?  
I'm gonna attempt to carry on two conversations with you beloved reader so stay with me.
One will be about what I would work for, and the other one will be about a variety of cheeses with the occasional olive thrown in for good measure. 
I will have this conversation with you while posting  S'more favorite pics. Oh wait. I just put a s'more in there and that was the topic from my last post .... so let's scratch that out shall we?
Focus Noël Focus!

CHEESE is my favorite food besides olives.
Cheese and olives, olives and cheese, yes please. 
I would work really, really, hard so that the rest of my days here on planet earth I could eat cheese and olives every day!
Fer Realz!
I would go so far as to say that IF I didn't have a job and had to stand on the side of the road holding up a sign in hopes of the kindness and generosity of strangers, my sign would read;
But, thankfully I do have a job.

My job here as CEO of the MoNoSco house pays in hugs, kisses, "Thank you's and this kind of Cheese.

Cheesy GRINS!!
Cheesy Grins are a good paycheck as far as I'm concerned, what do you think?

( My Niece Last Minute Biscuit  aka  Sophia Adelle April 2012.

Now technically I wouldn't consider this smile a cheesy grin but I just love this biscuit so much that sometimes I will randomly just insert her picture on my blog so I can make it bigger and look at her cute lil cute face all day. So if I would rate this cheese it would be a mild chedda... say that with an East Coast accent)

What do you work for?

Olives? Cheese? Money, Money, Monay?


(Moses Birthday January of 2012. Now in this picture My Giant is exhibiting what I would consider a kind of Swiss Cheese. Let me explain. It's got some holes in it because it's a forced cheese grin, ya know what I'm saying? None the less, I love me some Swiss cheese and I love my Giant. Can't believe he'll be 40 in a few weeks.)

I would work for High Fives and thumbs up too.

(Valentines Day 2012 Isaiah 7 years old. Now this cheese is a perfect Sharp Chedda with an olive on top even. He gets extra points in the cheese department because... well.... because he's Isaiah)

I would work for hearts on cheeks
Cheesy grins Cheek to cheek like the ones above and below.

(Andre and I, last year in February. Okay, now it's hard to rate your own cheese but I'm gonna try. I think Andre and I have kind of a mellow cheesy grin going on here, so I'm gonna go with an Altemburger Cheese which was described as being a mellow soft goat's cheese. Not sure where the goat comes in but I think we look kind of mellow and soft here, what do you think?)

I would work for trips to see the people you love.

( Emma, Chloe, Promise, Solomon, Niki, Isaiah and Samantha. Now this Cheese right here is like a Colby Jack cause it's all kinds of cheese mixed together and it makes me SO happy, So so so happy!)

I would work for kids having fun,
Grown Ups playing hard!

(Me and my friend Andre again. This picture has got to be one of my all time favs from last year because this was Joy that came after much sorrow. It reminds me of the scripture Psalm 30:5 , "There may be weeping for the night but JOY comes in the morning." There's no cheese here. Just pure JOY!!)

I would work for time with a beloved friend.
I would work for family.

(Isaiah and Solomon down at Pike's Market in Seattle. This picture was taken in April when my folks came for a visit around Easter. Grandma Ellen bought the boys those very special hats. They are the creation of this guy Dan Gregory. Don't know if you have noticed but I live in a family of artists. They appreciate art and artists more than most, and art is the what I would consider the spice in life so I'm gonna go with a really good  
Jalapeno Cheese on this one)

 I would work for Art.


Bernadette Veenstra said...

We are having a cheese testing party the first Saturday in March, if you want to come. You'd be the honored guest.=) The question is...would you FLY for cheese?=)

shontell said...

Coffee. I will do anything you want. (DISCLAIMER: this option is not open to The Giant) but seriously. I could really use some coffee and some breakfast and some vitamins. My froat hurts :(

Euskualduna said...

This is one of my favorites...well done my cheese loving friend.
olive you

Kristin_Texas said...

Your niece is so precious! (And what a cute hat!)

I miss there being a baby in this family. Sigh.... I only have 1 niece and 1 nephew, and they're a sophmore and senior in high school now. They grow up so fast!


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