Wednesday, October 10, 2012

What's In My Noggin Now

I still have beach chairs from the summer in the back of my car. And possibly even some sand. Don't judge I plead the 4th.

I remember when life was simple and all my babes were at home watching Sesame Street in the mornings and all tucked in nice and safe by 8 pm at night.  And all was well and right with the world.

I suggest to all taxi cab driving moms who have a schedule like my own where you are needed in three places at one time to invest in good friends so you can car pool. Oh and always keep a book handy for those moments of waiting around.

I want a new car. One that doesn't require 3 digits to fill the tank and is fueled by the grey clouds ;) that are so plentiful around these parts. What, too much to ask for?

I wish that I could be in Nevada to see this last minute biscuit, crawling, talking, just overall cute-ness incarnate! Can't believe she will be ONE in a few months. Is she not the cutest little biscuit you have ever seen?

I should probably eat less cheese and olives, but I don't wanna.

I mailed some care packages today and it made me giddy on the inside to think of the special places they were all going.

I think I need to get walking on more regular basis. I love walking and talking with my sister Jen. Or my sister Gina, or really any and all of my sisters.  Sisters are food to my soul. Walking is good for my old body.

I sang at choir practice tonight and thought about how grateful I am that I have had the opportunity to
stand among God's people and sing out loud and proud for many, many years now.

I hugged a stranger tonight. No joke. Before I even knew this woman's name I gave her a hug. She was just another parent standing around waiting for just another teen to come out of youth group, and she poured out her whole life story. How she had just come from the lawyers office because her and her husband are getting separated. How she can no longer afford to live where she does now and that means her kids will have to change schools. How her husband won't be paying for things that mean her and her two children will suffer for it. And so I just looked at her and said, "Sounds like you need a hug" gave her a hug, she wept. And I said, "Oh hello My name is Noël"

I enjoy Sleepy Time tea. It makes me sleepy. It really does.

I made lots of bow ties today. They look like this.  I heart them.

I'm gonna take the chairs out now(or wait maybe I'll wait til 'tomorrow morning) so I can fill the back of my car with Big Orange balls of happiness called pumpkins. Check back with me and make sure I got those chairs out and vacuumed my car. Keep me accountable would ya?!

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Bernadette Veenstra said...

I am so glad you hugged that stranger. I did that in a restaurant a month or so ago. She had a new baby, who was a little fussy, and her husband kept making her get up so SHE wouldn't disturb anyone. I wanted to punch him, and I did hug her.
I still have to get pumpkins. Then my fall decor will be complete. Read-started and finished.=)
Have a wonderful day-weekend!

No(dot dot)el said...

I hate dads that act like the bratty, cranky child is not a direct result of their gene pool. But, still I'm glad you went with a hug instead of a punch.

Bean said...

I heart your blog. I hope you want to talk and walk with me in the same sentence attached with sister Jen. I wish I had a son just so he could wear your bowties and I am not even kidding! I love that model baby she is darling! I am glad you hugged a stranger that always makes me feel better:)

No(dot dot)el said...

@ Bean I heart you. And that's what I said. Walking and talking with you is the best too. I wish you had a boy too so I could have a nephew. I want a nephew so bad. I Love you so much and that model baby and her super cute sister. She is super duper cute!!

aimymichelle said...

great post i'm a newer follower. it is great sending care packages. im sure it would be great to be on the receiving end of them. don't know that end though.

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