Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ordinary to Extraordinary

I remember before my first child Emma was born and I was preparing to be a stay at home mom for the first time. I made a list of all the things I would do for us to stay busy during our days together.
Little did I know how busy a baby all on it's own was going to be, or how difficult it would be to just get out of the door with that baby. So I stayed home, A LOT! The more babies I had the harder it seemed to get out that front door, so there was this whole chunk of time when I would have given anything to just get out of the house. Our big outings every week were the Mommy and Me group that I led at my church and Costco with my Mom, and occasionally the Dollar Store if I was feeling really energetic that week. 

So now I find myself in this whole other season where I am literally in my car from 6:45 in the morning to sometimes 9 at night and I have to laugh. I laugh at the time when I was so anxious to just get out of the house for a drive that I would literally just buckle everyone up only to go through the Car Wash. Oh yes, the Car Wash was another big event. It was a good one too because it was entertaining as well as a safe place where I could have 2.5 seconds of mind space that wasn't cluttered with I hope Isaiah has a good nap today, where is Solomon, what did Chloe put in her mouth, why did Emma throw her cereal down the bathroom sink right after I just cleaned the bathroom sink ? ? ? It's like those lils have trackers for what was just picked up and scrubbed down. Trackers, Muddy Hands, and Cheerios.  
You mommas know what I'm talking about. Never having any down time. Never feeling like you accomplished a single thing all day every day, except that really important thing...ya know... raising a family.

Now my days are filled with pick up and drop off times and the quiet that comes when one has been dropped off and the others are waiting to be picked up.
In these moments I pray.
I pray for my kids.
I pray for my Giant.
I pray for my family.
I pray for my friends.
I pray for myself.

As I drive around in a constant conversation with my Creator I have moments that would be seemingly ordinary to most taxi cab driving moms, but because my eyes are open these moments are filled with extraordinary views. I try to keep my ears open to hear the extraordinary wisdom that I need for this time in my life. And I'm thankful. 

I'm so thankful for the seasons in this life, for although this season is completely the opposite of the one before it's Good.
Picking up from Volleyball practice- It is good.
Dropping off for band practice- It is good.
Picking up from Clay Wheel class-It is good.
Dropping off for Choir- It is good.
Missing the bus and having that impromptu drive with one child at a time- It is good.
It is good because it provides the ordinary moments that turn into extraordinary building blocks for futures that are bright with promise and hope.
It is good because it means that my kids are happy and healthy and living a very full, rich life. What more could you possibly ask for?
It is good because it gives me time to worship my creator and give him glory while I blast my worship music and thank Him for all that is GOOD!
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Heidi said...

Interesting how the seasons of life change :)

Jillian Nicole said...

HI Noel I am just popping by to see how the blogging world have been treating you... and of course enjoying reading your posts :)
This was really a he artful post and I love the meaning behind it.
Will see you around.

Euskualduna said...

4 kids. A LOT of driving. A good time to catch up. Some of my best conversations with Benat are in the car. keep on truckin sista

Bernadette Veenstra said...

Beautiful views! Seasons of life...I do relish the time at home. Sometimes I just have to get out, but for the most part, I love being home with my babies.

vintage grey said...

Beautiful photos, and views while you are out and about. Such blessings these seasons of life are! xo Heather

No(dot dot)el said...

@ Jillian Hello there old friend. I haven't seen you in like forever!! Blog world has been treating me SO well. Now I'm off to go catch up on you and yours.

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