Saturday, October 20, 2012

Irons and Bees

I'm working on ... working on things.
Or you could say,
I have quite a few "irons in the fire" right now.
Don't cha just love old sayings like that?
I just love old sayings like that. When I looked up the meaning of that old saying it made me giggle.  You really should read the back story on that very famous saying,HERE so you can giggle too.
It will be an especially giggly time for you if you are a busy bee like me.

Speaking of busy bee's I am one, but I still managed to find this quote for you;

"It's not so much how busy you are, but why you are busy. The bee is praised. The mosquito is swatted." Mary O'Connor

The "why" to my busy is what I want to focus on here for a minute.
That quote made me question whether all my busy is God's busy for me? Does that make sense? Cause if it's God's busy then there should be praise, but if it's my own busy then inevitably swatting will ensue. 
I mean...
I feel I am a bee and to be praised(I want some praise people this is hard work this mom to 4 kids work) while I'm busy about my Fathers business. But how does one know they are about their Father's business, and not their own business, especially when it's my new business that is keeping me busy. Did you know Our Father Who Art In Heaven has a business?
Well, He does and I want to be that kind of bee that does it's Father's business.
Ya know a bee that should be praised versus a mosquito who deserves to be swatted?
 It's busy, business, being a bee. 
Say that five times fast.
I am SO busy, but it's a good busy. 
It's a healthy busy.
It's a (I'm -right- where- I'm -supposed -to- be) busy.
It's the kind of busy that makes my heart sing.

I'm driving my kids here, there, and everywhere, and they in turn are driving me nutts! 
No, really I am throughly enjoying them and their very active, very healthy lives right now.
But when I'm not driving the Fab 4 here, there, and everywhere here are some other irons I've got heating up;

I have my shop that I'm loving so much. I'm sewing up a storm to stock the shelves of NodotsShop just in time for Christmas. And I'm trying to really prepare for having a booth at the Farmers Market here next Spring. I'm a bit excited about that little dream come true, bucket list, adventure. I sure hope they like me and my stuff. I hear the jury process is a rigorous one, but I have all winter to prepare.

And then I have my son Solomon and his art work that I'm trying to get packaged and ready for Christmas presents(hold tight family your copy is coming) and possibly future retail. Yes,  He is my 11 year entrepreneur, artist, inventor child. He wants to sell prints of his artwork at the Market next year with me. Well, really he wants to sell them right NOW he's an ambitious lil fellow that Sol Doll ! He started his own little business at the young age of 10 and he calls his business Donut Productions. I wonder where the love for Donuts comes in?
Psh... certainly not from his mother who buys them all the time!
This recent piece of art work that he and his dad worked on together  a few months back has gotten quite the buzz. Buzz, buzz, buzz... there's those bees again.

Solomon came home from school one day inspired by Van Gough and he asked me what my favorite Van Gough piece was, I said A Starry Night, and that is where Rainy Night was born. He sat down with a Sharpie and drew with such detail that My Giant was super impressed. Mo finished the piece with some amazing color and I might be bias but I think it's better than A Starry Night. 
Psh... totally better!!

And then I have that little writing project that I was working on,
Brody the Bishop and The First Day of Spring is no longer on the back burner people.
I put him back up on that front burner and I have a goal to get him full blown cooking by next Spring.
That's right you heard me, I have a GOAL. 
Just one or two, or maybe a few more than 5 ?

Remember this guy? 

Well if you don't you can read more about that HERE or just stay tuned. You will be hearing more about him in the future.  

Of course I still have my everyday life jobs,
taxi cab driving
taxi cab driving
did I mention taxi cab driving?
Really, I promise I'm a happy taxi cab driving mom.
Most of the time I'm a happy driver.
Clearly, not a happy driver here but.... 

There ya have it folks, 
the Irons
 The Bees.
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shontell said...

um. I prayed for Brody Bishop this week. And your butt. You know, that you would get off it. I actually thought we should come up with birthday presents for one another. You would give me notes on my last chapter and I would ask you incessantly about Brody.

Bernadette Veenstra said...

Love it. "Mosquitos get swatted."=) Now I have to read up on the bishop.

Kelly said...

So many fun things going on for you right now! How exciting! I only with i could be there with you to help! :)

No(dot dot)el said...

@Shontell- YOU did? That so cool Quennie- It must have been a direct line that you got the memo from. Ha ha, yes I will be sure to do that get off my butt.
Speaking of butts the momma's here that are the first three comments here have almost 20 children together. WE ARE SOME BUSY BUTTS!!
@Bernadette and @Kelly

Julie Marie said...

i love your analogies on here. you fun girl =) the busy bee versus the misquito that needs to be swat! haha... i feel the same way. im busy, good busy, just with life mostly. trying. to keep. up auuugghhh! i didnt know you had a shop! yay. i want to do i have no idea what id do though.. actually i do, i just havent tried it yet =) soon! along with my book writing ;) 2 goals.

Anonymous said...

Hi Noel! I'm a new follower from Monday Meet Up!

You really are a busy girl! Sometimes I feel like I'm really busy and then I hear how busy someone else is and I'm like whew...I don't even know what busy is! ;o)

Your sons artwork is pretty amazing, by the way. He must be artistic like his momma. That first shot up there is lovely. I love the lighting on that one.

vintage grey said...

Love that old saying!! Sweet post and I am wit you on the good busy!! Happy creating! xo Heather

aimymichelle said...

that is an amazing painting

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