Sunday, October 14, 2012

I Give

It was a long hard week over here, last week. 
My Giant was out of town all week for work, and our schedules(me and the Fab 4) were border line crazy town.
Do you ever have crazy town weeks where you can't remember if you are coming or going? Where you wake up at 5a in a panic thinking you forgot something or someone?
Ya know, crazy town.
Which, makes for a l-o-n-g week!

On top of this very l-o-n-g week there were issues
I was dealing with that I'm not at liberty to speak of, but they were issues with a capital 'I'
'I' need you Jesus to help me be kind.
'I' need you Jesus to help me be generous.
'I' need you Jesus to help me forgive.
Little stuff like that ya know.(LOL)

Sometimes, not all the time, but sometimes I feel like saying
 Ok God I give.
I'm so tired.
I can't do it.
It's too hard.
There is too much work to be done on the inside of my heart.

But just when I feel something like that I read something like this;

"I have cared for you since you were born. Yes, I carried you before you were born. I will be your God throughout your lifetime- until your hair is white with age. I made you, and I will care for you. I will carry you along and save you."
Isaiah 46:3-4

It's words like those that make me think God is saying to me,
"Noël, I GOT THIS!"
Why do I ever doubt that He does?

Why do I try to walk this road on my own?
This trying to follow Jesus in my own strength, well it's like pushing a dead car up hill, in the rain, barefoot, when all the while there is a tow truck right in front of me. And all I need to do is ask the driver to help me, and he will. More than that he's been waiting for me the whole time just to scream out, "HELP!"

"I will carry you along and save you."

In conversation with my oldest, Em Faifs this week I said sometimes all we need to pray to God is,
"H-E-L-P!" and because he already knows what we need that is enough. It's more than enough for him to come and rescue us.

"I made you, and I will care for you."

So this week probably did give me a few more grey hairs, but that's okay because those words up there say,
"I GOT THIS, even until your hair turns white with age"
and that my friends makes me feel a whole lot betta.

How was your week?
How was your weekend? 
I had time to rest, to Selah, to Sabbath. 
I hope you did too.
Happy Monday Beloved Reader.
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Alyx said...

Oh, Noël! I love this. I love that quote.... "When life gets too hard to stand, kneel." It's so true. And I think we all have crazy town weeks. I've had too many to count in the past few months, and life gets to that point where I just want to say, "I give up!" and throw my hands into the air.
Remember that God won't ever give us more than we can handle, though!

Dreams Do Come True said...

great quotes

I follow your blog and I would love for you to follow me

Dreams Do Come True said...

beautiful fall colors--I love it.

christina said...

ahhhh needed this today! I am a solo parnet on average 3 days a week...the part where you wake up wondering what is going on what day it is even at 5 am made me laugh :) ...been there done that!

Bean said...

Trusting in God always sounds so easy but for me it is the hardest and usually to irrational fears. Well sis at least u can afford gray hairs! Do u have like 3 now? I am a regular salt n peppa over here!

No(dot dot)el said...

@Bean Ha ha I have more that 3 or 4 and YOU are so NOT a salt and pepper girl. You crack me up Gina Bo "Bean" a!!

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