Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Holidays,Costumes,and Making Faces

We love the holidays around here.
Well, let me rephrase that, My Fab 4 and I love the holidays. My Giant just kind of tolerates them.
He's never been a big fan, but I think I have begun to grow on him(ya know it's only been like 19 years).  He got all excited about the "Pumpkin Spice Candle Season"coming like all the way back in September. 
Picture this...
 A Big, Grown, Giant man named Moses ... giddy over a candle. 
It was a sight to behold people, and I beheld it long and hard.
My favorite holiday has always been Thanksgiving, but I really love them all.
Starting with Halloween and ending with what I call, Happy LOVE day or Valentines Day as some other people like to call it.
My Giant calls it "Hallmark Makes A lot of Money Day"- to which I say Bah Hum Bug!
Clearly, I still have more work to do there.
So with Halloween approaching this year I have very mixed emotions. 
For one, my Fab 4 are so much bigger now and the holiday just doesn't seem the same without little ones running a muck, in cute little costumes that make your heart go pitter patter.
And then, 
In the past I have always had help in the costume making department. Thank you Momma Nash and Gram Ellen. But, recently I find myself on my own throwing stuff together for these creative Fab 4 kids who don't want just your average every day costume.

This year my oldest Em, doesn't want to dress up. 
Do you even know how sad this makes me? 
SO so Sad.
But I'm trying real hard to let this young lady be her own person so I'm not going to force the issue, but this is what my face looks like; 
So sad.
Ok, but Chloe is going to dress up as a cupcake and that makes my face look like this;
Ha, ha sometimes I just crack myself up.

And then Solomon the one who is dressed as the giraffe up there, he wants to be Count Olaf from the Movie Lemony Snickets, Series of Unfortunate Events.

 Which makes my face look like this;

Did I ever tell you He was Charlie Chaplin one year and sadly I only have one fuzzy dark picture because,  My Maccy took a crapper last year and with that BIG CRAP he took all my pictures that weren't backed up. To which I say, CRAP FOR CRAP!!

And then Isaiah wants to be A Ninja 
Nacho Libre
A Wrestler Strong Man
or ....
Which makes my face look like this;


Help me out people any ideas for Cupcakes, Count Olaf, and Ninja/Nacho/Strong Men??


christina said...

haha. I want to know how you get them to dress up all together . tell me your secrets lol.

My daughter is going as snow white, the baby is going as a skunk...now if I could only convince the boy to go as dopey...I would be so happy!

cute pics...love the costume ideas!

No(dot dot)el said...

@Christina-Ha, well I wish I could share some secret with you but they have only ever dressed up together 2 times and it was just because the oldest led the way. Usually, my oldest Em can convince them to do just about anything. Those sound like great costumes. Ahh and a Dopey would be super cute.

Breenah said...

Quinn's gonna be a cupcake too! I'm using this tutorial and tweaking it since Quinn's smaller than the girl in the tutorial: http://lemontreecreations.blogspot.com/2010/09/no-sew-cupcake-costume-and-winner.html

Good luck!

Ooh, also I think you'd like this: http://tinytangerines.tumblr.com/post/33260851167/getting-really-excited-for-halloween-2012-d

amoryg said...

Fun!!! I love holidays too. And I grew up celebrating them big, but my husband didn't at all. So like your honey, he just goes with it.

I can't sew and if I could, I would be on edge if they wanted to change their minds after the beautiful costumes were made.

Erin said...

Oh I love that you have been able to get them to have matching costumes! My boys have only done that once. They are so cute!

No(dot dot)el said...

A$- that is so totally funny, because the kids just changed their minds again! SO glad I didn't start on Count Olaff's costume yet.

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