Monday, March 26, 2012

A Really Long Walk

On Friday, it was so beautiful out that I decided to get on my walking shoes and go for a really long walk. I love to go on walks. You see so much more of an area when you walk places, rather than drive. Don't you agree? (Stay tuned for a picture blog of my walk)

I know that long walks take time, and I had a lot of errands to run on Friday, so I thought where could I go that would be a longer walk and an errand run?

I headed out to get some Jamba Juice gift cards for my faithful reader, and recent winner Natalie, and one for my newest readers Dan. Congratulations you two!

Jamba juice is about 2 miles from my house so I thought that would be perfect.

Long walk √

Run an Errand √

The sun was shining, the birds were singing, spring was in the air here. By the time I got to Jamba Juice, I was for sure ready to get my Jamba Juice on as well. I ordered a pomergranate pick me up. Mmm Mmm good! Well, and then because it was so beautiful outside I decided to keep on walking.

I ended up here;Discover Yoga.
I have to say that I wasn't intending on going in and partaking, because it was beautiful outside, but I have been meaning to check this place out for a while. I just wanted to go in get some info. and get out. But I did end up taking a class that was about to start. The lady at the front desk was so welcoming, and I thought what the hell, why not ? Have I mentioned I am spontaneous? I am so glad I did take the class. It is just what this tired momma needed.

Here is my segue to my title, A Really Long Walk....

I have been so intimidated to take up Yoga again here in Redmond. I'm not really sure why. Before we moved here and while My Giant was here in WA. renovating our cabin, he kept calling me(I was back home NV. with the Fab 4, yeah remember that? Not fun.) He would say, "Babe", (he likes to call me babe alot. It doesn't offend me. I know he's not thinking of the pig :) Anyways, he said "Babe, you are going to love it here. They have a so many yoga places. There's one around every corner".

He knows I love Yoga.
I know I love Yoga.

So why, oh why has it taken me 2 whole years to get to my first Yoga class?
Well, a lot of reasons.

Do you want to hear the reasons?

If you don't want to hear the reasons, now would be a good time to wander over to another site.

If you want to hear the reasons, but were looking for a pause button on this really long blog, about "A Really Long Walk" here it is: ∆

And if you do want to hear my reasons, get comfortable, this might a take a minute or two or three.

First- I have to say that when we first moved here, we were on survival mode. Really, I mean we had left NV behind with a foreclosed house, and not a penny in our pockets. Or as my mom would say, "not a pot to piss in." If it weren't for the kindness and generosity of our friends, and family I'm not sure how we could have made it.
Needless to say, we didn't have money for something as silly as stretching.

B.-The year before we moved here I had really, really let myself go. I was so stressed about our
house that I used it as an excuse to eat,drink, and Not exercise. Repeat cycle for 2 more years and you have me. Right now.

X.- I was depressed about not being able to exercise with my sisters or friends, or sister friends who exercise. I was also bummed about leaving one of my favorite fitness instructors in NV. And well, I Didn't get out much to do anything let alone yoga it up with a bunch of strangers.

4. I was intimidated. With a lot of yogi's out there, I knew that people take their yoga for reals here, so I was thinking I would be a small fish in a very big pond.

Lastly- I just wasn't feeling it. Ya know what I mean? Ya get me? Ya trackin what I'm laying down?

So there you have it folks. All the excuses in the world and yet... while I lay there on the floor at the end of class, I thought... Why? Why did I wait so long to do this what I love?

The Pastor that married MY Giant and I used to say in a very Texas accent, "Life is short, and Death is Real, ever seen me light a match?" And then he would proceed to light a match and blow it out to prove how short life is.

It stuck.

It's true Life is short.

Don't wait to do the little things that make your heart sing.

Which brings me to this question for YOU, is there something, some special thing that really brings you such joy? What is it? I want to know. Are you actively enjoying it on a regular basis?

Yoga was/is for sure a simple thing that brings me such joy. Yet, I wasn't partaking.

I am now signed up and ready to participate in this simply joy I love. I hope this blog encourages you to get out there and do what you love. I hope you don't wait as long as I did to do it. And I hope no matter who you are, if you have read this whole post, just know that I love you for it :)

I am thankful to be able to process all of that here with you.

A Really Long Walk alone, would have been worse.


Anonymous said...

I tryed to hit the pause button and felt very foolish to know it wasn't for real. Didn't know what to expect so I read on and on and on. So I am trackin it and I get it. Redundant! You like Yoga and I think that is awesome. I just wish for the long walk if my bottom would keep up with me. My feet wouldn't drag behind and I wouldn't be beside myself. We won't mention my behind, or did I already.Yup! You go to Yoga and I'll eat more yogart. A really long Walk.Awesome!

shontell said...

I did. I read that really long blog post. And I enjoyed it.

No(dot dot)el said...

Ahhh- Momma I'm sorry. I was just being silly. No need to start calling names though. HaHa :) about your bottom LOL!

Shontell- You are a true friend :) A bestie for sure.

N. Rose said...

you're so amazing! thanks for every word, I needed to hear it all. love you!

No(dot dot)el said...

N.Rose... no YOU are amazing!! and I love YOU!!

No(dot dot)el said...

See, I knew my besties, and My Momma would make it through my long winded, long walk.

Bean said...

So is it that suana yoga you signed with? I just want you to know sis if I make it to your blogs you better believe I will read all of your beautiful thoughts! You don't have to convince me to stay around;) Even better is seeing your beautful face, so excited!

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