Sunday, March 18, 2012


There is this place; Experience Music Project here in Seattle that I was introduced to over a year ago, when my Brother Greg and girlfriend Tanya came for a visit.

It is filled from top to bottom with all things music and entertainment. One of my favorite things about this place, other than the tree of guitars, is the exhibit on Jimmy Hendrix.

I am a Hendrix fan. I have always been a Hendrix fan. Well, ok maybe not when I was a baby, or a 8 year old girl with piggy tails, but somewhere around the time that I was a zit faced teen. So that's like, a really long time. Sidenote- now I am a zit faced thirties something! Just thought you might like to know.

Recently, when I brought my good friend Dre and her three girls there she pointed out this the beginning lyrics to the song "Straight Ahead" that Hendrix wrote. I thought it was so cool.

If you can't make out what it says, let me repeat that for ya.

"You got to tell the children the truth.
They don't need a whole lot of lies.
Because one of these times they'll be running things.
So when you give them Love you make it right.
Woman and Child, Man and Wife.
The best Love to have is the LOVE for life."

IF you haven't heard the song, here ya go.

HOpe you Enjoy, and get your Groove thing on.


Kitty M said...

Hi Noel great to meet you 'virtually' over the blogosphere and thanks so much for stopping by Dolliedaydream!

Wow you are in Seattle? One of my very good friends dated a guy from Seattle for a looong time sadly they split up so we never got to visit him over there lol :-)

No(dot dot)el said...

Of course Kitty. Your blog is so beautiful and inviting. I think I was on there quite a while learning about you :) I could almost hear your English accent ;)
Yes, Seattle is where I call home. I love it here. Grey and cloudy, much like England I'm told but when it's sunny, it is absolutely breath taking.
Bummer about your friend. Well if you ever get the chance let me know, I will give you a grand tour.

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