Thursday, March 22, 2012

Favorite Spaces (prize give away in here somewhere)

There are spaces in my house that I like to frequent through out the day because they just make me so happy.

The above picture is a space I like to visit because not only does it sit right next to the beloved Coffee Bean, but it is filled with trinkets and gifts that are near and dear to me.

I think at this time it would be fun to play a game of "Where's Waldo?" or in this case;

Where's Donald?- That duck makes me so happy. Not only does he represent the Oregon Ducks, but he was a gift to me from a beloved friend who lives where the Oregon Ducks come from, Eugene Oregon.

Where's My Apron?- The apron that I wear every time I cook because it's bright, beautiful but it reminds me of another beloved friend who gave it to me. She is bright and beautiful.

Where's The Custom made Cupboard/Wine Rack?- This piece is one of the only things we pillaged from the Breaker way, Foreclosure. It was an ugly brown cupboard when it started out, and now due to MY Giant's Genius building skills it is a beautiful, white, cupboard/wine rack/plate rack/chalkboard/ spirit holder/... you get the idea.

Finally, Where's the sock puppet that my amazing, artistic son Solomon created? If you can find this guy that I use as a chalkboard eraser, then there will be a prize in it for YOU! First one to find it and comment here, not on FB wins a gift card to...Jamba Juice, to keep the creative juices flowing.

There are spots like this all over my house. The spaces and places where I try to make the world, our world in here a little brighter. I have recently been enjoying decorating with lemons. Can you tell?

Lemons get a bad wrap because they are sour, but if given the chance lemons sure do come in handy when it's grey and cloudy outside and you want your house to look warm and cheery. Lemons can brighten up any room. Don't believe me, go get yourself some. And then of course they make wonderful things like Lemon Bars, Lemon Banana Scones, Warm Lemon and Honey water, Pink Lemonade, and of course pretty pictures.

And don't ya know it's all about the pictures for me. Oh and I almost forgot, they are fantastic for making your kitchen sink smell fresh and clean. Throw one in your garbage disposal if you have one and see what it does to that smelly drain. I don't have a garbage disposal. Everyone should feel so sorry for me right now :( Poor Noel she doesn't have a garbage disposal. I know it's terrible. One of my favorite things to do was throw lemons, limes, or oranges down the disposal to make my kitchen smell up nice again. But alas, that's not the only item in a kitchen that I miss. I'm getting off topic. Anyhew, I still use the lemons here, I just smash it up take out all my aggression with the Skeleton Scrubby, act like I'm a badass and then wha-lah, sink smells fresh again.

One more final note before I go,
Favorite spaces and places, that's a board I have on Pinterest. Have you heard of this place? Well if not click the link below and happy pinning. Your life will never be the same.
That website will give you more ideas than you possibly have time for in your whole entire LIFE! Just a warning. But, if you are looking for some new decorative, home decor ideas. Or DYI ideas, then pinterest is the place for you. You have to be invited. Strange but true. It's like a lil club. So if you check it out, and aren't already part of the club report back here and I'll send you an invite. I'm a giver. I know.

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N. Rose said...

is it to the right of the plates?! in the argyle-looking part of the shelf?

that girl who gave you the apron loves you. a lot. :)

Dan said...

Still see it, still not telling. Just figured out how to post.

No(dot dot)el said...

Yep, N.Rose wins again! Good eyes, good eyes.

Dan YOU are THE MAN! for figuring out how to post here I should give you a card too, I think I will for fun :)

shontell said...

In the wine rack. To the left of the bottle. Bazinga.

N. Rose said...

oh heck yes! I feel bad for winning again.
but all is fair in love in war.

No(dot dot)el said...

Shontelly- what can I say... you snooze ya loose. LOL JK I know some of us are just a lil slower than others. JK again. I can see who checks my blog more frequently now, uh huh... yep....
of course I only JK with you like this my Queen because, you were raised by boys... and you can take it!!

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