Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Big and Little Levi's make me happy :)

This is what Bella looks like when I tell her she's not TOP DOG!

Me and My Giant in the city that I love.

Umm... This boy, right here, He is his father's son.

Is there anything better than a silly boy who likes to pose in pictures to make the rest of the world smile?

Ahh, Well... maybe a big Giant boy and a little tiny dog is better than a silly boy. No, maybe they are both great.

You know what else is pretty great? A tree of guitars. I mean really, don't you think that is so cool? IF you come visit me I will take you to the tree of guitars. Yes, that was a bribe. I promise I'm good for it.

Newest member of the Scofield clan. The black dog. His given name is Riot. We have adopted him. He is superb. Even his tongue is black. Weird, but cool. We call him Briot, or Bryan, or Darkness, or....


Debi said...

another dog!!! man you guys are packed in!!

and guitar tree --- yes. next time we are up we WILL be seeing this. :)

Hello My Name Is NoelMaria said...

It's a date Debi :) looking forward to that for sure. And yes, we are packed to the gils but ya know what I love it! You know me, the more the merrier!

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