Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Poignant Point

I read this question the other day and it stuck with me all throughout my day.
I decided to pair it with a picture, big surprise!!
It really reminded me once again to have a Grateful heart.

As I dropped my kids off for school, I not only prayed for their day like I normally do, I

thanked God for them.

As I got off the phone with My Giant who's out of town for work, I thanked God for him. For how hard he works and for how he loves his family, and me.

As I walked my dogs I thanked God for them.

When I got off the phone with sister Jen, I thanked God for her and my other sister, two brothers, mom and dad, and my moms and dads through marriage. For family. For sister friends.
For amazing friends that I get to live life with.

For my health, my home, my bible, food, drink, my car, my computer, my phone, my camera :)

No matter where you are and what your life looks like, there is always, always, always something, someone to be thankful for.

Life really is so much fuller when lived with a Grateful heart.


Bean said...

I think that is why we are taught to pray by thanking God first;instead of all the things we need. Teaching us to have grateful hearts and reminding us to give praise to the Lord daily.

No(dot dot)el said...


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