Monday, June 22, 2009

Peace In Jerusalem

This morning while reading my favorite book I came across a scripture that I have read a thousand times before. Maybe not this same exact scripture a thousand times but certainly others like it. It goes like this,
" Pray for the peace of Jerusalem! May they prosper who love you, the Holy City." Psalm 122:6
Normally when I read scriptures that mention praying for the peace of Jerusalem I shout out a quick prayer for peace for them and I am on my merry way, but this morning something hit me.
I was thinking how bizarre it is that the whole world is told in these scriptures to pray for the peace of this city. Would if we came across something that said, "Pray for the peace of Reno, Nevada" ? I think because we have heard this slogan or phrase so many times we don't stop and take note or as the bible says, SELAH. Stop, ponder, think upon these things.
Well, this morning I did just that. I stopped and thought about how Jerusalem is such an unsettled city. Every time I hear of Jerusalem is usually because there was a bomb, or a fight, or something violent going on there. I am happy to report that when I checked the New York times this morning for headlines regarding Jerusalem there was none of the above.
So I thought well, I pray that there will be more days when I check the headlines and don't find them reporting turmoil in Jerusalem. Today in fact there was an article about some who are migrating back to Jerusalem from Peru. I found it so interesting how so many people migrate to different countries for different reasons. Some migrate on their own accord but many leave because they have to.
Then I thought if I was born in this city Jerusalem and I read about my fame in a book that was most famous what would that be like? Would I ever want to leave that city? Many people still live so far away from the city of Jerusalem for fear if they go back they might not survive until their next birthday.
It's worth noting that Jerusalem always will be the center of attention for something because it's not everyday that God's Son is born. It's not everyday that someone as beautiful as Jesus walks the earth. He will come again and I wonder will that be the city he returns to? Is that why I am praying for peace for this city that I have never been to?

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shontell said...

I have thought of that before, "what would my life be like if I was born and still lived in Jerusalem?" It scares me, honestly. So much turmoil. I wonder if I would be a fanatic, in hiding, trying to get away...

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