Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Girls Night Out and Babs

I want to share a story about the lady I met in Target and about celebrating long-lived, love- filled marriages.
My friend Marie suggested a while back that we throw our friend Joni a party for her 20 year anniversary and surprise her with lots of fun stuff for her and her man. She had the thought that it's such a shame we don't get showers for the years after our wedding day and how really those should be the times that should be celebrated. I would have to agree.
Joni was surprised. It was pulled off amazingly. Kudos to Marie, Natalie, Trista, Sue, and Lolita. We all dressed in 80's garb and had so much fun. SO much fun!!
That's all you are going to get out of me about that, ya know a lady never tells....
What I am really excited to blog about is the lady I met at Target, Babs who I bought my presents for Joni from. Today while in Target I was checking out with the goods for Joni when I got in conversation with the clerk Babs. She commented on the outfit I was buying and I then told her what it was for. She was so excited that someone was celebrating 20 years of marriage this way that she then proceeded to tell me about the fact that it was about 20 years in when her man started to come home with different kinds of outfits. I smiled and thought..... this is going to get interesting, and indeed it did.
"Yeah, 20 years is about the time that my husband started to bring home some really fun outfits" I said, "Really!!" She kept saying, "He was a really fun man" I then decided to ask how long she had been married to which she replied 46 years until he passed away. She told me about a day when she opened the door all dressed up for him and you could tell that it was just bringing joy to her heart to relive some of these fond memories. Good thing there was no one behind me. She then told me about some of the outfits, how much fun they were and how fun he was. She said that a lot " He was a fun man". I am thinking she had a good married life along with a good sex life. I went on to say that I bet the reason why she had such a long, happy marriage was because although he bought the outfits- she was willing to wear them.
What a fun spunky lady Babs is. If you see a Babs at the Big Target in Sparks just know she's a firecracker that one.
Here's To 20 years married Joni and Louie- WELL DONE!!
And here's to all marriages out there who are still trying to keep love alive!! KEEP ON KEEPING ON!!


Plucky said...

Thank you Noel . . . I needed to read that . . . You are awesome . . .

Stone Cottage Adventures said...

What a great idea to have showers and anniversary parties!! Great post!! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

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