Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I have been having really weird dreams lately. The thing is I never remember my dreams and so it's very strange for me to have had so many dreams that I actually remember.
I am not much for reading into dreams although I do know somehow they work into something sometimes. I am sure that some dreams really do tell us something but my dreams are just so flat-out bizarre that I just can't imagine making heads or tails of them. More than anything I really think our dreams are part of our subconscious being released in a way that is necessary for thought process.
So would you like to know what my dreams were the last few nights? Well I am not going to share all of them but here are a few that will be good for the sake of blog entertainment.

First one I had was of me and Mo. We were training for a marathon. On the actual day of the marathon he got ahead of me which isn't surprising because one of his steps is the equivalent of 2 and half of my steps. So there I am running alone when all of sudden he jumps out the bushes and runs along side me again for the rest of the race. We laughed so hard the rest of way that we almost didn't finish. Weird !!

Second one I was walking into a parking garage to my van. It wasn't our VW it was a van not the creepy weird kidnapper kind of van but a van none the less. Apparently my van had goodies in there food and drink and when I looked in the van before hopping in there was a complete and total stranger laying on the front bench. I immediately ran to the other people in the parking garage and said there is a total stranger in my van can you please help me to which they ran away and left me there all alone. I out of curiosity went back to the van and looked a little closer and realized it was a girl with curly long hair. She wasn't even ugly but was snoring quite loudly. Then she jumped up and out of the van before I knew it she was in my face asking me to stop running away. I kept telling her to go away from me and she just laughed at me , not a wicked creepy laugh but just like why are you telling me to go away as though I should have known who she was. She had a nose ring like me and curly brown hair. I don't remember how this dream ended because I think I just woke up from how weird it was.

I think the last dream about the girl is due to the fact that my desk calendar that has scriptures on it had that one that says "don't be afraid to entertain strangers because in doing so some have entertained angels" apparently that scripture really stuck with me the other day.

The first dream I am also pretty sure is because sister Jen, Gina, and myself have begun to train for a 5k marathon and I suppose it's on my brain a bit.


shontell said...

AHAHAAAAa thanks for the laugh friend. And, you OBVIOUSLY were dreaming of me. Maybe you want to secretly tell me I ate too much soup when I was at your house. LOL I am seriously cracking up.

noel said...

glad, really glad i could make you laugh.
it's true it very well could have been you but i ate a lot of that yummy soup too.
the leftovers were just as good.

jami said...

my favorite part of your dream was "she wasn't even ugly but was snoring quite loudly." are you saying that usually ugly people snore? hehe...

noel said...

jami- i think i might have been trying to say that usually really loud, obnoxious noises do generally come from ugly people. no i dunno, seriously you know me i can find beauty anywhere. i think i was just expecting the person in my van to be ugly. maybe? :)

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