Thursday, June 25, 2009

Isaiah Gregory Scofield

My little man will be turning 5 in about a month. I cannot even begin to tell you all the emotions that are going on inside me as I turn this corner from little kid household to big kid household. I have been saying for a while now that at one point in our family all of their school careers will be played out at the same school for one year. That is next year. Well, actually that is this fall a few short months away. Isaiah keeps telling me that he's going back to Little Lites. I think that it might not only be a hard transition for me but for him as well.
I remember being pregnant with Isaiah. When I found out I was in shock and just laughed. In fact Mo and I both just laughed because we thought it was either laugh or cry and laugh is a much better emotion so we went with it. Little did we know this wonderful surprise God had in store for us was our son Isaiah. He is the only baby that I did not find out about until he was born. By that I mean I didn't peek to see who was in there. He was a surprise and a good one. When they announced "it's a boy" I was shocked. Even though I didn't know who was in there I somehow thought it was going to be a girl. I have since determined that my baby gender picker has never been right so chances are if I feel like you are going to have a boy you will have a girl and vice versa.
This person, Isaiah has been an amazing, joy ride. Some days not as joyful, like the day my cell phone went down the toilet. But most days, like the other night when we are at the Drive-In movies, watching Transformers 2 he starts to fall asleep in my lap. Ever so quietly and so out of the blue he whispers...."Indiana Jones". Don't really know why but he just has a way of making me smile.

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