Thursday, June 18, 2009

My Dad

Gregory Anthony Pellant is my Dad. Born the youngest of 3 boys it was I am sure a bit of an adjustment for him to have been given 3 girls, 2 sons to raise. I would like to say that he's done a really good job with both. What really is the role of a good dad? What measuring stick do we use to say that's a good dad right there? For me I would say, ask the guys children. If you were to ask this child whether Gregory was a good Dad I would say yes. Yes, he is a good dad. Now, this might come from the wisdom of being a parent myself, but I think if you were to ask me even in my teen years when I would get irritated that he would ask me to take a shorter shower, or turn off the lights, or do the dishes, etc... I think even then at the core of my young being I still knew;

He is a Good Dad.

When I was a little girl I wanted a Cabbage Patch doll more than anything in the world. I remember them being very expensive and hard to come by. So hard to come by that one morning my dad caught wind of them being sold at a local store but said we would have to be there really early. He took me out to breakfast and we waited outside the doors with everyone else, mostly moms to get this doll. We weren't successful. They had already been sold out before we even got there and it really was just a gimmick to get people to come to their store. My dad comforted me. He said, we would just have to go on the hunt again.

He is a good Dad.

When I was a teenager, I had been dreaming of owning a VW bug for as long as I could remember. Every VW that was on sale in our little town I would imagine myself in my dreams driving it down main street, I would imagine the day of purchase and everything right down to what kind of cute decor I was going to hang from the rear view mirror. I worked at the Rec Dept at the time and didn't really make a whole lot of cash. So, I knew the fancy bright shiny VW's probably wouldn't be an option so I went on the hunt for the rejected VW that maybe my little brother could fix up for me( He would fix it after he broke it but that's a story for another day, I digress). I found one. It was 500.00 cash only. I didn't have that kind of money but my dad did. He bought my first car.

He is a good Dad.

My last year in High School I was in a play called South Pacific. I played the lead role Nellie. My parents had payed for me to have voice lessons since Jr High so I am sure it was nice for them to see all their hard earned money pay off. I remember that my dad and mom came to one of the last shows. After the show I came out to my car and it had been covered in stickers from the cartoon character Ziggy. They said, YOU DID IT!!

He is a good Dad.

I was only out of High school for about year when I started dating Moses. My dad had known of my crush/infatuation about this boy named Moses since my sophmore year in High School. When Moses was nominated the home coming king that year my dad took his picture out the paper and blew it up made a few copies and teased me relentlessly about my high school crush. I still have those copies of Mo with a crown on his head. Now a few years later this boy named Moses was pursuing his daughter and was over a lot. I was only the young age of 19 when Moses asked my dad for permission to marry me. My dad didn't grill him, embarrass or harass him. He knew how much I loved this boy. He knew it since I was a young teenage girl. So he said yes.

He is a good Dad.

On our wedding day I will never forget how much my dad made me laugh to ease the nerves a bit. As I was walking down the isle, really the grass lawn out at Wallies he kept cracking jokes and made me laugh so hard that by the time Mo saw me he was wondering if I was taking this, our wedding day serious. My dad gave me away that day and then has proceeded all these years to ask me for a copy of our personal vows that we said to each other. I think it's amazing that he is willing to learn from his children.

He is a good Dad.

He has taught me a lot about the male species. He has taught me that men can be faithful to their wives. Men can get up everyday and provide for their families year after year after year. He has taught me that most men like sports. All sports. He has taught me that not all men are driven by fortune, fame, lust or other worldly things. My dad has given me an example of a man who is steady as he goes. He is humble. He has shared his home with total strangers over the years for the sake of doing what the bible calls us all to. Loving your neighbor. He graciously stepped aside when his parents died and there was some inheritance money left specifically for him, but there was some dispute about where it should go. He stepped aside. Said it wasn't his to begin with.

He is a good Dad.

When I was little I remember thinking that my dad was the strongest man on planet earth. He always seemed to be a strong tower of wisdom and to me because of this, he was a bit frightening. I didn't understand my dad for a lot of years. I still don't fully understand everything about him but one thing I do know is that this is a man I have heard countless time apologize for his mistakes. A man who isn't afraid to cry in front of others. A man who loves Jesus. He has shown his love for Jesus his whole life. Even in things he would consider grave hypocrisy's he has shown what it looks like to repent. He has shown what it looks like to love a woman, the same woman for 40 years. Without a wandering eye his love has stayed true. He has loved 5 children and now 5 grandchildren. He has given his whole life for the love of his family. He knows and has never forgotten in "mid-life" crisis who he is.

He is a good Dad.


djandjd said...

Geez, Noel.....could your timing with this be any more poignant for me? This is in essence how I feel/felt about my dad....he was a good dad. Tell your dad that whenever you does make a difference for you and for him.

Thank you for the good cry.....and enjoy your Father's Day with Mo and with your dad. I told my mom that she will now be receiving cards on that special day...she just laughed. ;o)

miss jessica said...

That is very special made me cry. Daddy's are so special and important.

noel said...

Sorry girls didn't mean to make you cry. I wrote this as a Father's Day present for my Pops and thought I would share.
Thanks for reading, it was a lengthy one.

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