Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Death by Fire

Yesterday, while driving down to Carson City for my brother Jeremy's 17th birthday party I looked over at the mountain that is to the right of the freeway when you are coming into Carson.
I remember this mountain that was on fire 5 years ago when I was pregnant with Isaiah. It was a miserable hot summer and the fires were out of control(literally). This particular mountain got the worst of it and the fire that summer not only burned half the mountain or more but took out several homes as well.
Well, yesterday to look at it now 5 years later you would never have known the sight that we sat on our rooftops and watched 5 years before. It is now filled with new life, green in fact greener than it was before and just plain old thriving.
It reminded me of something about the cycle of life in nature that is true I believe in the spiritual and that is sometimes things have to die by way of the most extreme death- FIRE. But then if given time what comes back in it's place is something better than what was ever there before.
There are some areas in my life where I have allowed a great deal of compromise creep in. I have tried in my own strength to kill these bad habits but somehow they have all been feeble attempts. I realize now that I need a refining fire to come in and however painful the process of death to these things might be I need to allow this to happen so that I can look back and see a field of green instead of a dry dessert place that has no life, breath, reason for being.
So, that is my prayer this morning;

Refiners fire
My hearts one desire
Is to be Holy
Set apart for you Lord
I choose to be Holy
Set apart for you My Master
Ready to do your will.


Erica said...

good blog, Noel. I have a hard time being committed to the refiner's fire. When it really starts to hurt, I'm like no I don't want to do this anymore.

shontell said...

sigh. I hate hurt. It hurts.

noel said...

me too erica- i am praying for better self control.

yep pretty much shontelly!!

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