Thursday, June 04, 2009

The End of an Era, The beginning of a New Day !

Just thought I would share some of the funny quotes from my job;

" Do you know that everyone has hearts, even Chinese and Japanese people."

In reference to sitting at the circle with our chairs instead of carpets;

"Okay let's do this, yeah let's do this thing"

When reading the story of David and Goliath to the kids one boy said,

"Why was that big guy so mean?" to which I replied....."Well, he didn't know Jesus" and then I thought well, no one did yet. Good thing the kids don't know that.

When we got our new carpet that had Jonah and the whale on it, "I want to sit in the belly of the whale like Jonah because he got to go swimming in there" eww gross!!

When showing the kids the map and where Nevada is Isaiah says, " Where is the Dollar Store on there?"

Yesterday was our graduation. 16 kids will be going on to kindergarten including my youngest child Isaiah. When I was driving in to work I had a moment where I almost lost it. Looking back in the rear view mirror to check on your little one is something you do early on as a parent. From the time they are little babies you want to see what they are doing back there, and that's why the invention of those little mirrors and all kinds of things to see what they are up to were created. Well, yesterday I thought next year I won't have my little buddy with me. I won't have someone in the afternoon to check on or think about or play with. It is the end of an era for me. 11 years long I have had a buddy all day long and now they are all going to be at big kid school all day in the fall. I am excited for the future but also in a bit of mourning over the fact that I won't have preschooler, toddler, baby or little person to light up my days anymore. Sometimes I wonder if I had so many kids because I didn't want to be alone. 

One of the little girls came in yesterday morning all dressed up ready for the big day with a huge smile on her face and said, 
 "Ms Noel, did you hear? It's going to be my graduation day today!!"

I felt like saying, Yeah I have thinking and preparing for this day for a really long time and now that it's finally here I feel like crying.... but I didn't say that. I smiled and said, "Yes, yes I did hear that today is your graduation."

I am going to miss them all and especially my lil man. To all the parents of little ones still in diapers take in the moments all of them because before you know it you will be knocking at the door of adolescence thinking....

Where did the time go?


slogoin' vws said...

dude, crying at work is NOT cool. thanks!

Plucky said...

The night of Jadon's graduation we prayed a special prayer of blessing over Little Lites and each individual teacher, including you of course . . .

Little Lites has been the most positive influence on my son for which I will always be grateful . . . Thank you and Ms. Jessica and Ms. Michelle and Ms. Mindy and all the others . . .

noel said...

sorry tasha
tim- i am really going to miss him. what a great kid he truly is. good thing i will prolly get to see him most sundays or might start going through jadon withdrawals.

shontell said...

That was awesome. Those kids were hilarious. I forgot how funny preschoolers can be. I will miss working with you though. Maybe we could just tell Moses and Mike that we are working, and go to Wally's every Friday morning.

Erica said...

To help coping with all your kids in big kid school I'll send any baby that needs holding to you :)

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