Thursday, May 08, 2008

Vienna Austria

My thoughts on this day are mixed. I was so completely exhausted at this point in my travels and emotions were kinda raw and I really did not want to go when we got up that morning. Still, I went and I am glad that I did get to see Vienna. I had forgotten that it is the city of music and all things Mozart and Renaissance. It is absolutely beautiful and our day there was COLD, but still very memorable. I sang outside the opera house and thought to myself, " Mr. Peebles would be proud." Mr. Peebles was my music instructor all through elementary, Jr. High, and High School. In my eighth grade year I started taking private lessons from him and continued all through High School. He had the privilege of studying music in Vienna and had always hoped that some of his students would make it there as well. He had connections to get you there if you wanted and were good enough, I was neither, wanting nor good enough. He did send one of his students there on scholarship, (Mo's ex girlfriend Heather, but that's a blog for another day) but I never had ambitions of being an Opera singer. My voice is much too quiet for that. Anyhew, going there brought back all these emotions about music back to me some of which I am still not so sure I have sorted out yet. Music has always brought joy to my soul. It is an incredible gift given to be able to express yourself in anyway musically and I do not take that for granted. Still, I often wonder how much of this gift has been buried deep, deep down in the sands of life. Will there be a time to rediscover this treasure box ? Do I want to find it again? The emotions and questions it brings to the surface sometimes scare me. I am working through all of that and I am thankful for family, and friends who are along side me for this journey. I thankful for my mom who paid for all those expensive music lessons along the years (even if she does compare me to Trisha Yearwood). I am thankful to have been given the chance to see this spot on the planet.


shontell said...

AAh loverly. I on the other hand would have happily become an opera singer or broadway musical singer. Not that I would have been great enough to make money at either, but twas a great dream of mine as a child. Isabelle is one of the munchkins in her school play of The Wizard of Oz on Friday. You should bring your kids. It will be hilarious.
I am a little envious of her for getting do this. I wish my parents would have sent me in this direction. As soon as Samuel hits middle elementary school I am going to pursue local theatre. Care to join me?

noel said...

shontell- depending on my point in sanity at that stage in life i will let you know. i still can't believe that i ever got up in front of people as nellie from south pacific. i must have been on some kind of teenage insanity trip!! funny, cause i do enjoy theathre but have me some wicked stage fright.
do you know who did way more acting in local plays and even directed something...the big mo!! that's right, he is a bit of a thesbian if i've ever known one.

Jen in Budapest said...

Love the pics....memories. Gonna miss having you here while Tanya is visiting. Love you.

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