Thursday, May 01, 2008

Some more Images from Budapest

I loved the rooftops in Budapest. They really seemed to have a Russian influence in their buildings and the roof at the top of this blog is one of my favorites. The pic of the buildings were just a street close to Jen's that is a pretty good example of what all the street buildings look like. The image of the gate and flowers is one that I took inside a very, VERY empty beautiful church building on Easter morning. We just happened upon the church on our way to Jen's friends/pastors house and there was not a soul in sight until leaving. One older woman came in right as we were wrapping up our visit in the museum of a church. It really gave me a good idea of what is happening over there in the old world as far as churches are concerned and also a deep sadness. Someone had gone to the trouble of setting up all those beautiful flowers for Easter morning but they were behind a locked gate a very big locked gate. Hanging in the back was Jesus, still on the cross. (Not an image that is unfamiliar to me, As a teen when my family was beginning to come out of Catholicism my parents would fight over wheter Jesus should still be on the cross or not. One would take him off and another would put him back on.) Anyway, the imagery here for me was big because although the church and their display were beautiful that Easter morning, the building was empty. What's it all for if the church is empty?
Finally, the last image is an example of Budapest art. Just kiddin, it could be art though don't ya think?


Erica said...

the pictures are amazing, Noel. Keep them coming!

Jen in Budapest said...

Or you could try and have church in a public bookstore....:D I wish you would have been able to experience that with me the weekend you were here. It's quite interesting having church in a coffee shop in a bookstore and being broadcast on throughout the store as poeple browse for books. Quite different but engaging and I love that.

It's cool to see the pictures you got. I don't know if I loaded these on my laptop b/4 u left....Great stuff.

jami said...

i do have to say that i liked the last photo.. alothough im not sure what it actually is saying. probably something pretty bad! o well.. =o)

noel said...

erica- thanks. i will keep em coming that it, i have way too many and i just think everyone of them is amazing. hard to take a bad photo in the old world.
jen- i wish i couldv'e been there for that as well. i bet you did great. i wonder if you got these, i think you did.
jami- i know, i thought of that as well that they are prolly really bad words in hungarian but to me the contrast of colors was really pretty.

Jeni said...

I love the picture-- you're making me anxious for the time in my life that I will be able to travel. I know it will come.

And Jen-- the church in a public bookstore sound particularly appealing. I might be biased though-- I find great joy in being surrounded by books.

noel said...

jeni- sorry for causing you travel anxiety :)

Strekalopalis said...

My mom has spent about six months in Budapest over two summers. The pictures always look amazing. I actually have one hanging up in my house. Someday I would like to make it there.

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